10 Best OG Marijuana Strains

When we hear of OG, we do associate it with the HBO movie starred by Jeffrey Wright or a name of a multi-layer online gaming team that has won four world championships. Nevertheless, if you’d heard the term or not, to the marijuana industry OG is totally a different thing.

We often see it in dispensary menus or cannabis websites that sell high-value strains. These are often in demand strains known for its unique taste and flavor that is readily distinguishable by any American cannabis consumer.

If you want to know more, then here are 10 best OG strains you should try.

#1. Godfather OG

Dubbed as the ‘Dons of all OGs’, this indica dominant OG Kush hybrid strain dominates with its 60:40 indica to sativa cannabinoid composition. It has a high THC and CBD values both could range more than 28%. Considering these amount, High Times describes the strain as the ‘most potent strain in the planet’.

 Its obtained from the crossing of Cherry Pie, OG Kush, and Granddaddy Purps. It’s a strain often prescribed for medical patients who have difficulty sleeping and excessive pain. It has a soothing yet pungent earthy flavor that will give you a powerful knockout and sedation.

#2. Skywalker OG

Another indica dominant from an 85/15 blend of Skywalker and OG Kush. Like the former, it has a combination of sativa and indica benefits. It has typically high THC levels ranging from 20 to 25%. Its most preeminently used as a medication for insomnia, depression, and chronic pains. It induces a mixture of flavors more lemon-like yet a bit spicy and sweet as well. This strain will make you float into the air and considered to be one of the OGs being produced.

#3. Fire OG

An indica dominant cannabis strain with the highly potent effect that could go straight for three hours. The strain is bred by Raskals OG Kush with a mixture of the original OG Kush and the San Fernando Valley OG Kush F3. This has an astounding 20 to 25% THC content and CBD of 0.36%. The strain has a very strong scent underwhelming with Lemon and Earthly flavors.

This strain is most recommended to be used during afternoons or evening, promoting relaxation as needed. It could be medicated to those with symptoms of stress, depression, and eating disorders.

#4. SFV OG

Stands for San Fernando Valley OG, this cannabis strain is born and bred from the name itself declares, in California. Its one of the first hybrids derived from OG Kush and said to have an average THC level from 17 to 22%. It has an aroma similar to those of tangerines with a touch of diesel and citrus most especially after exhale.

This sativa dominant strain (70:30) is ideal for relaxation and sedation. It could be used as a relief from mild to moderate cases of depression and chronic pains.

#5. Bubba Kush

Flourished in California, this OG strain has its roots not clearly identified. However, theories suggest that it’s a crossbred between the Northern Lights and OG Kush. Nevertheless, it’s a 100% indica strain inducing relaxation at its finest ideal for pain management, anxiety, and insomnia. The strain is THC dominant that could go up to 27%. It has a peculiar coffee-like and chocolate aroma that you’ll want to have.

#6. Fat Banana

A whooping THC of 25%, this breed presents an equal amount of sativa and indica mixture. It’s made through the combination of OG Kush and the Banana cannabis strains. Its remarkable feature includes a banana aroma, partly with citrus content to give you a mouthwatering delight.

This bushy and massive plant induces relaxing effects into the body. It’s a real-stoner that could hit you out big time as its name does!

#7. Hulkberry

Its name inspired with a famous Marvel character, this strain is a direct combination from its parent strains, the OG Kush and the Strawberry Diesel.  Bred from the Colorado mountains, this strain is considered the first Superhero strain named out. It’s a 65% sativa dominant with very high THC content up to 27%. Its aroma blends its parent’s tastes, sweet and a bit citrus-like. It delivers an intense high with a well-balanced relaxing effect upon consumption of this strain.

#8. Critical Kush

An 80% indica dominant, this hybrid keeps you high and at the same time, relaxing as well. Its bred through two known cannabis strains, the OG Kush and Critical Mass. It has a relatively high THC content averaging from 19 to 20%. It delivers a spicy-like aroma, grown with thickly and highly scented buds.

#9. Pineapple Kush

A hybrid mixed from the OG Kush and Pineapple, this indica dominant strain grows with a green to brown colored buds on its appearance. The strain includes a THC level of up to 15% with CBD having 0.14%. It has a great tropical flavor denoting its pineapple taste and vanilla or mint exhale that you’ll clamor for again and again.

#10. Bubble Kush

A known dessert strain from the collision of two strains, the OG Kush and the Bubble Gum. Its an indica dominant strain with THC levels ranging up to 16%. It’s incredibly potent with a bubble gum-like flavor suitable as an appetizer after a meal. It’s mistakenly sometimes for Bubba Kush. Though, both are extremely different.

What does OG mean?

The term OG erupted during the 90s and said to be originated in Southern California when it was found. The OGs are said to be the phenotypes of the original OG Kush which is an indica cannabis variety breed from a combination of Chemdawg, Old World Paki Kush, and Lemon Thai cannabis strains. The original OG Kush was allegedly been bred by three cannabis growers named ‘John’, Jerry, and Harold Putz who are all resided in the state of California.

The term OG had begun for unknown reasons. However, there are theories suggesting the conception of the name itself.

  • According to some legends, the name of the strain was alleged to be conceived through a conversation by Harold Putz with its friend denoting how the strain smells ‘OCEAN GROWN’ than mountain grew. Later on, the term was shortened and become OG.
  • Some say the OG term came from the famous formerly OverGrown.com which was considered to be the largest cannabis site until turned down by the Canadian police in 2006.
  • There are rumors that the term ‘OG’ refers to ‘Original Gangster’, another cannabis strain that comes from San Fernando Valley, California.

Frequently Asked Questions

What nutrients are best for OG marijuana strain?

Like any cannabis strain, it requires essential nutrients such as nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus. During its growing phase, the cannabis should be exposed to a great deal of light to ensure a maximum THC efficiency.

Could ‘OG strains’ be used for therapeutic purposes?

Yes, definitely. It could serve as a treatment for various conditions including insomnia, depression, pain management, and even ADHD.

Are all ‘OG cannabis strains’ highly potent?

Generally, like their parent, the OG Kush, these strains are most potent with very high THC content more than 20%. Though, there are those exceptions such as Royal Kush Automatic with only 13% THC.

How do ‘OG marijuana strains’ taste?

It mostly depends on the combination of strains that it uses. Likewise, it has a kind of flavor resembling the OG Kush for which is lemon or citrus-like.


The OG cannabis strains are California’s most favorite set of strains. Aside from its high potency, these strains have amazing effects use best for several medical conditions. If you’re interested in one, then go look for the nearest dispensary or through online cannabis-selling websites to have a taste on what’s OG-like.

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