Best Marijuana Strains for Multiple Sclerosis

Best Marijuana Strains for Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis is more common than we think. It affects around 2.5 million people around the world. It is difficult to know and diagnose this issue as every person has different symptoms. The ailment is very painful for the patient, and it can last the entire lifetime.

Many patients with multiple sclerosis who used marijuana realized that it gave them relief from the pain and the disease. This looks like a breakthrough for many others who didn’t think of this option before. Cannabis can be used as an alternative medicine to give relief and help in curing and treating multiple sclerosis.

Multiple sclerosis affects every individual differently and so is considered to be a complex condition. The traditional medicines help to remove the negative impacts of the disease but can be taken as a standard cure for the disease. This is because the effects of the medication manifest in different ways in individuals.

Classification of Multiple Sclerosis

Patients who have Multiple Sclerosis are divided into four groups as per their conditions.

1) Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis (RRMS): The patients have temporary conditions of multiple sclerosis where they experience pain.

2) Clinically Isolated Multiple Sclerosis (CIS): This is the next level where the patient may recover with the medication or go to the next level of the condition.

3) Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis (PPMS): The situation gets worse as the patient continues to suffer the pain in the back.

4) Progressive Multiple Sclerosis: This is when the patient starts suffering from nervous disorders due to the progress of the disease.

However, marijuana is helpful in some of the conditions. Let’s look at some of the weeds that can give relief to Multiple Sclerosis patients. The weeds are in all the categories, and you can choose which is most suitable.

Sativa Strains

Great White Shark

This is as potent as any indica weed. It gives an energetic uplift and so is famous for medication for Multiple Sclerosis.

Sojay Haze

This Sativa weed is helpful to Multiple Sclerosis whose primary symptom is fatigue. Sojay Haze helps increase the energy levels but at the same time keeps the body relaxed. It is an excellent drug to take during the day as it makes you feel relaxed but gives you the energy to about your day to day activity. At the same time, it helps you stay focused.

Alaskan Thunderfuck

Contrary to the name it has, Alaskan Thunderfuck is a right strain that will help you relax. It has been noticed that the appetite of patients increases when they consume this strain. This boost of hunger makes it a good medical option for the patients of multiple sclerosis.


Trainwreck has a high-intensity drug but gives a soothing effect. It helps with the digestive system as it clears and soothes the stomach. This can be a useful therapy for patients with symptoms related to Multiple Sclerosis.

Sour Diesel

This is a very potent drug that gives a gentle high to the body. Stress, depression, and anxiety have been treated successfully with this strain, and so it can be of great help in Multiple Sclerosis as well.

Indica Strains

Critical Mass

Critical Mass helps to free the mind of aches, pains, and other concerns. It makes the person sleepy but can be helpful as it will help the patient drift into a deep sleep.

Russian Assassin

This strain helps a patient who has issues while sleeping due to the pain of Multiple Sclerosis. It makes the whole body numb and ensures that you don’t feel any pain. It also relieves you of all the stress while you sleep. This strain is a natural healer.

Blackberry Rhino

Blackberry Rhino has a slow, soothing effect. But it slowly makes you high and finally, completely relaxed. It helps relieve pain. It also helps the patients of Multiple Sclerosis to build up their appetite and cure insomnia.

God Bud

This strain has the genetics of Purple Skunk and is very popular for medical uses. It is as potent as its name suggests. The hallucinogenic high it takes you to will help manage all the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis.

Monster Cookies

Monster Cookie has a high potency. It helps to boost up the immune system by ensuring that the patient is completely relaxed with the high. This is the best drug for Multiple Sclerosis patients to take in the late evening or night.

Hybrid Strains


Harle-tsu is a strain with a high ratio of CBD. This makes it possible for the Multiple Sclerosis patients to get relief from pain and inflammation.

Super Sour Dog

This strain helps in the remedy of muscle tension and spasms. A lot of Multiple Sclerosis patients suffering from muscle spasms can take this for comfort. This strain is a hybrid got from mixing Blueberry, Diesel, Kush and Long Coast OG and has all their strength embedded in it.

The parent strains give Super Sour OG a well-rounded profile that helps the patient to be calm and gives him a sense of wellbeing.

One to One

One to One is hybrid that helps relieve the muscle cramp and spasm in the Multiple Sclerosis patients. This weed has less psychoactive effects but has increased healing power. Its combination is similar to Sativex, a medication prescribed for Multiple Sclerosis in England

Super Sour Diesel

This hybrid weed gives not just relief to the Multiple Sclerosis patients but also provides energy for him to go through the day to day activities. This is a highly potent strain, and only a little is needed for the desired effects.

Final Verdict

Even though marijuana can be an excellent medicine to relieve pain, it is best to consult the doctor before using it. The long-term effects of Multiple Sclerosis are excruciating, and the symptoms are unique to each patient. So the doctor has to prescribe the right drugs to ensure the best treatment.

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