Best Landrace Strains 

Best Landrace Strains 

The cannabis strains we know and love won’t be with us today without landrace strains. Landrace strains are ancestral strains, are stable cannabis strains with characteristics and qualities that have remained the same throughout the years, decades, or even centuries. If you want to grow something new, try growing any of best landrace strains.

Top 10 Landrace Strains

  1. Hindu Kush
  2. Afghan
  3. Panama
  4. Durban Poison
  5. Mazar
  6. Malawi
  7. Red Congolese
  8. Lamb’s Breath
  9. Lamb’s Breath
  10. Pure Afghan

Hindu Kush

The Hindu Kush is one of the most popular landrace strains. It is a pure indica known for its high THC at 18% and its relaxing, calming and euphoric effects. It is a small to average-sized plant growing from a small 100 to 118 cm tall and can produce from 400 to 500 grams/square meter indoors and up to 450 grams per plant outdoors.

The Hindu Kush came from the warm regions of the Hindu Kush mountains, and it prefers a temperate and sunny climate to grow well. This strain can produce buds in just 6 to 8 weeks with herbal, spicy, woody, pine, and sweet flavors. Consumers use the Hindu Kush for the relief of arthritis, fatigue, depression, stress, and migraines. 


Afghan is a pure indica marijuana strain with a high THC at 20%, which is why it’s very relaxing and calming. It is a very small plant growing only 60 cm high but can yield up to 450 grams/square meter indoors and 500 to 600 grams/plant outdoors.

Afghan offers a euphoric, giggly, relaxing, and happy high, which makes it effective for the relief of pain, stress, depression, anxiety, muscle spasms, and digestive problems. It is not a difficult strain to grow as it can thrive in almost all environments, including temperate, sunny, and cool climates. It flowers quickly too, and at only 8 weeks, you can get large and dense buds with earthy, flowery, spicy, sweet, pungent, and woodsy flavors.


Panama is a pure sativa strain, a landrace strain with the most colorful and tight buds. It has 18% THC making it energetic, happy, uplifted, and euphoric. It is also used as a medicinal strain as it can relieve anxiety, arthritis, fatigue, depression, migraines, and stress.

Panama is a tall plant growing up to 180 cm high. It prefers a temperate or sunny Mediterranean climate. It flowers later at around 10 to 12 weeks and produces dense buds with lemon, spicy, sweet, and vanilla flavors. Panama can produce good yields from 350 to 400 grams/square meters indoors and up to 500 grams/plant outdoors.

Durban Poison

Durban Poison is a pure sativa with a high THC at 22%, making it an energetic, uplifted, focused, and euphoric strain. It is a tall plant owing to its stable sativa genetics and can stretch up to 200 cm. And as this cannabis strain grows tall, it can produce up to 400 grams/square meter indoors and 500 grams per plant indoors.

Durban Poison is a quick-flowering strain, blooming as early as 8 weeks. You can get lovely tight buds with earthy, spicy, pine, woodsy, and sweet flavors. It is also used as a therapeutic strain ideal for depression, migraines, fatigue, inflammation, and all kinds of pain.


Mazar is a high THC cannabis strain with delicious exotic aromas. It is an average-sized plant that can grow from 100 to 180 cm tall and can produce from 450 to 550 grams per square meter indoors and from 350 to 450 grams per plant outdoors.

Mazar is capable of producing buds as early as 8 to 10 weeks with buds having sweet, spicy, skunk, flowery, citrus, pungent and woody flavors. This potent cannabis strain is euphoric, happy, relaxed, and sleepy. All these impressive make it effective for conditions like depression, fatigue, insomnia, migraines, and stress.


Malawi is a 100% sativa, a strain that has a satisfying earthy, sweet, woody, flowery, and sour strain. This is a tall strain that comes with a very potent 24% THC; because of this, it becomes a very energetic, uplifting, and focused strain.

Malawi is a strain that prefers warm, sunny areas to produce large and dense buds. It flowers late at 10 to 11 weeks after germination and will produce buds with flavorful aromas. This landrace strain is also a medicinal strain that can deal with stress, depression, fatigue, headaches, and nausea.

Red Congolese

Red Congolese is a pure sativa landrace strain that is easy to grow. It prefers a sunny and warm climate and can be cultivated indoors, outdoors, and also in a greenhouse. This landrace is a tall strain growing up to 6 feet tall. It can produce high yields up to 16 ounces/square meter indoors and 16 ounces/plant outdoors. You’ll get weed with high  THC at 20% with this potent strain.

Red Congolese will flower late at 10 to 11 weeks, but once it does, you will get dense buds with sweet, citrus, herbal, and grapefruit flavors. This landrace has an uplifting effect that can make you focus, energetic, happy, and creative. Most growers use Red Congolese to deal with medical conditions, including stress, depression, fatigue, muscle cramps, and all kinds of pain.

Lamb’s Breath

Lamb’s Breath is a sativa marijuana hybrid that’s known for being Bob Marley’s favorite smoke. It is a strain that can induce euphoria, improve energy, and promote socialization. It can make you focus, relaxed, and relieve stress and anxiety.

This potent strain has a high THC content at 20% and minimal CBD. But despite this, it is used to deal with anxiety, stress, and all kinds of pain. It is a tall strain growing up to 55 inches high with good yields. Buds will have pine, earth, and lemony flavors, which users say can help relieve stress and promote wellness.


Kilimanjaro is a sativa-dominant cannabis strain with 18% THC. Breeders say that it originated from Kenya, where it was used as fattener or food for elephants. It has a spicy and pungent aroma with fantastic citrus and pungent notes. This is a strain with average THC at 16%, making it euphoric, creative, and uplifting.

Kilimanjaro is a tall strain growing up to 98 inches with yields up to 1.63 ounces/square feet indoors. This landrace is easy to grow and prefers a warm, sunny environment to thrive. Buds are huge and dense with menthol, lemon, and earth flavors that will surely satisfy you.            

Pure Afghan

Pure Afghan is a 100% indica that was first grown in the Mazar-I-Sharif regions in Afghanistan. These plants are small and will complete flowering in just 7 to 8 weeks. You can get as much as 600 grams/square meter when you cultivate this indoors. It flowers fast with large buds teeming with a flowery, sage, skunk, and earthy flavors.

Pure Afghan is a tall cannabis plant growing up to 30 inches. It is very easy to grow and can thrive in almost all environments. This strain is a recreational and medicinal strain as it can make you focus, sedated, and creative. It is used to deal with all kinds of pain, including headaches and migraines, plus it can control seizures, insomnia, depression, and stress.

Success is just around the corner when you choose any of our ten best landrace strains. Remember to buy only good quality landrace cannabis seeds from reputable, quality seed banks and dealers online or locally.

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