best feminized seeds

Best Feminized Seeds 

Feminized cannabis seeds are perfect for growing weed without the hassles of dealing with male plants. You won’t need to waste money, time, and resources because you’ll be growing only the number of plants you need. And to anticipate your choice of quality weed, we have gathered only the best feminized seeds in the industry from reliable cannabis seed banks.

Top 20 Feminized Seeds

Northern Light

Northern Light is one of the most stable strains on the planet with a reputation that spans decades as the ancestor of many popular and flavorful cannabis strains. Fem Northern Light can grow as high as a meter when cultivated indoors. It can flower fast in just 7 to 8 weeks. It’s also known for its shiny trichome-rich buds; one of its majestic qualities.

Amnesia Haze

Feminized Amnesia Haze is a Holland native with rich Haze genetics. It is known for its psychedelic heady high that will instantly make you very relaxed. It is best for indoor growing but has a longer flowering time. This potent strain is also one of the highest-yielding feminized cannabis with around 70 to 80 grams per plant.

White Widow

Made from the marriage of a Brazilian sativa strain and an Indian hybrid strain, White Widow continues to be one of the prominent classic cannabis strains. White Widow feminized strain has a euphoric plus relaxing effect, something that hybrid users will appreciate. It is low-maintenance and thus perfect for first-time cannabis growers. Its pine, the flavor is one you’ll love to smell and taste over and over again.

Purple Queen

With unique purple foliage, Purple Queen is indeed a sight to behold. This feminized strain has this unique color due to anthocyanins, flavonoids responsible for red to very dark plant colors. Purple Queen has superb sedating effects making it the best evening strain to smoke. You’ll love its high 22% THC with a citrusy terpene profile. 

Green Gelato

This delectable strain has dessert flavors waiting to explode in your mouth. You will love its rich terpene profile oozing with citrus, sweet and earthy flavors. Feminized Green Gelato has a very steep THC of 27% which will instantly launch you to the stratosphere. It’s also high yielding and will flower fast in just 8 weeks.

Fat Banana

Fat Banana is a very potent strain with indica-leaning qualities. It has a high THC amount of 25% which is one of the highest in our list. You’ll instantly get hooked with its tropical-flavored high that will remove anxiety, stress, and pain. Fat Banana is a feminized strain that flowers early in just 7 weeks. It may be a small plant with amazing yields.


Everything you need is in Critical feminized strain. Not only will it grow all-female plants but it’s easy to grow, very potent with high yields. It comes with a light high that will keep you tuned immediately after you take the first whiff. You can get as much as 65 to 75 grams per meter and will flower in just 7 weeks. Expect fast and very furious growing with feminized Critical seeds.

Royal Gorilla

Strong yet feminine is Royal Gorilla. Royal Queen calls this one of their “strongest strains” as it has a very high THC amount of 25% to 30%. It is a strain made in the USA and sadly, it’s available only in the US. Royal Gorilla can instantly take you to the heavens in a couch lock effect. And when it comes to growing this strain, many agree that’s it’s one of the easiest and one of the best yielding feminized strains as well.

Power Flower

A descendant of the potent Power Plant, Power Flower can produce high yields and is one of the easiest feminized strains to grow outdoors. This is why it’s popular among medicinal and recreational users. This hybrid can produce from 65 to 85 grams of yield. You will also love its very powerful citrusy taste and aroma.

Sweet ZZ

A lot of growers choose the strain they want to grow according to potency and SweetZZ is no exception. it is a very potent indica with buds teeming with delicious flavors. It is also a very productive strain and flowers in just 7 to 9 weeks. It will give you the most yields at 600 grams per square meter of indoor space or 550 grams per plant outdoors.

Wedding Flowers

Dr. Krippling presents Wedding Flowers, one of the newest feminized cannabis strains, popular for its very rich hybrid perfume. It can grow tall up to 6 feet high indoors and 10 feet tall outdoors! You will also admire its steep THC at 20%. It will also give you rich yields from 500 to 700 grams per square meter.

The New

The New was created by combining a Girl Scout Cookies strain and a potent Larry OG. It is a strong indicia-leaning strain that will grow resinous buds teeming with fuel-like smell and flavors. The New has deeply-relaxing effects perfect for managing stress, anxiety, and pain. This strain is one of the best because it grows anywhere indoors or outdoors. Take note that this feminized strain can grow more than 12 feet tall and thus can be a handful for first-time growers. Because of its height, it can produce massive yields at 3 kilos of usable yield per plant. And every whiff is a delight as you can get up to 28% THC.

Mamacita’s Cookies

Combine a potent Girl Scout Cookies and a powerful Nicole strain and you can get a feminized, high-yielding strain called Mamacita’s Cookies. THC levels for this strain can be as high as 25%. This strain will take you to a deeply relaxing state possible couch lock expected due to its potent THC content. You can grow Mamacita’s Cookies indoors or outdoors with 9 weeks of flowering time. The smell is very luxurious similar to sandalwood, woodsy, and fruity scents. 

South Plant

South Plant is a potent sativa strain derived from the union of South African sativa strains and South India genetics. But despite its strong sativa lineage, South Plant has an average height at 4 feet but has a dense and very heavy central cola. This cola is so big that it needs to be supported or else the plant could tip over! It will give you happy, fruity, and earthy effects and yields of up to 600 grams per plant outdoors.

Quick Gorilla

Created by Dinafem, a very prominent breeder, Quick Gorilla will harvest 10 days earlier than other Gorilla varieties. This is an indica-dominant cannabis strain that can tall up to 10 feet when grown outdoors. The buds are packed, sticky, and smell of diesel and have a very high 22% THC content.

Strawberry Cane

Strawberry Cane is an indica-dominant cannabis strain with buds covered with very thick resin. This is the reason why it has been recognized as the best cannabis strains for making concentrates and extracts. These plants are easily recognized for their very long colas loaded with rich resin. You’ll get the best yields when you grow Strawberry Cane indoors or outdoors.

Tropicanna Banana

From Barney’s Farm Seeds is Tropicanna Banana. It is a hybrid with Kush genetics. It comes with very high THC coming from its very rich buds. It is resistant to molds and pests like spider mites. You will love its uplifting effects with 22 to 25% THC. But we recommend users to consume this strain moderately to avoid a powerful couch lock effect.

Terra Italia CBD

Terra Italia CBD was conceived by combining a Compolti, a potent CBD strain, and a Lemon Kush, This strain has very steep CBD and thus has very minimal psychoactive effects. The flavors are somethings to look forward to with lavender, musk and citrus flavors coming from its very long colas. Terra Italia CBD is good for different kinds of pain including headaches, migraines, back pains, and muscle pains. It’s a good natural remedy for anxiety, stress, and depression.

Black Cherry Punch

A lovely medium-sized plant is Black Cherry Punch. It may be a new feminized hybrid but it can give you massive yields of up to 1000 grams per plant when this is grown outdoors. It is an indica, therefore, you can enjoy a relaxing high or a couchlock effect if you’re not careful. These will grow into big plants with high THC 25% levels, perfect for an overwhelming high.

Rare Hindu

The Rare Hindu strain was made by combining the powerful Hindu Kush and an OG. It is a plant with sweet, resinous and earthy buds. Rare Hindu feminized strain grows indoors, outdoors, or inside a greenhouse for proper monitoring. It has thick trichome-coated buds which will give you potent relaxing effects. It flowers fast and will produce average yields.  And because it was made from two landrace strains, it also has stable genetics making it a perfect breeding strain.

Feminized strains will allow you to grow healthier and productive plants. With only female plants to care for, you can avoid accidental pollination with male plants ruining all your hard work.                                                   

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