Best Cigars For Blunts

Best Cigars For Blunts (2023 Review)

If you love smoking cannabis in a blunt or cigar leaf, congratulations! You’re part of a huge and growing community of people who are looking for a new way to enjoy their favorite herb.

Blunts and cigars are great ways to create a unique smoke that’s different from the usual joint or pipe. But they can be pretty intimidating if you haven’t tried them before—especially if you’ve never rolled one yourself.

So, how do you know which cigars are best for blunts? We’ve got you covered with our top picks for the top 5 best cigars for blunts—all guaranteed to make your next smoke session something special.

Top 5 Best Cigars For Blunts

  1. Swisher Sweets
  2. White Owl Cigars
  3. Backwoods
  4. Dutch Masters
  5. Garcia y Vega Game Cigars

Swisher Sweets

Swisher Sweets are the best cigar for blunts. They’re cheap, easy to find and taste great. Not only that but they come in a variety of flavors.

If you’re smoking blunts on a budget and don’t want to spend too much money on cigars, then Swisher Sweets should be your go-to choice!

White Owl Cigars

White Owl is a great beginner cigar for anyone who wants to smoke blunts. These cigars are smooth and have a good flavor, with a price tag that won’t break the bank.

White Owl cigars come in many flavors including:

  • White Owl Classic (original)
  • White Owl Maduro (darker and more flavorful than the original)
  • White Owl Cigarillos (smaller than regular cigars, but just as flavorful)


If you’re trying to find a great blunt wrap, look no further than Backwoods. They’re cheap, readily available just about everywhere, and easy to roll. But what really makes them one of the best cigars for blunts is their mild flavor profile and even burn.

One thing to note: backwoods are available in a wide variety of sizes, but I recommend going with the largest size you can find—it’ll allow you to roll up enough tobacco leaves for at least two full blunts!

Dutch Masters

Dutch Masters are a great choice for blunts. These cigars have a sweet taste that goes well with the tobacco in your blunt, and they come in a variety of flavors so you can find something you like. They are also readily available at most stores, making them convenient to get your hands on when you want one!

Garcia y Vega Game Cigars

Garcia y Vega Game cigars are a great choice for a blunt. These cigars come in a variety of flavors, including cherry, grape and rum. They are made with real tobacco, but also have a sweet taste that will leave you wanting more. They are available in many different sizes, ranging from two to eight inches long. The best part is that they’re affordable! If you’re looking for an alternative to smoking blunts with regular tobacco leaves or synthetic marijuana blends, these cigars might be the perfect choice!


And that’s it! These are the 5 best cigars for blunts. I hope that you found this guide helpful and can now choose between some of the best brands out there. The most important thing is to remember that no matter what brand or cigar you choose for smoking cannabis, you should always smoke responsibly and enjoy yourself!

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