The Best Autoflowering Seeds

The Best Autoflowering Seeds

Are you looking for cannabis plants that flower fast without all the fuss of a photoperiod strain? If you are then we have the best autoflowering seeds for you. These are very potent, in-demand marijuana seeds that will grow into very powerful strains under your care. Most of these auto seeds grow well in all environments so even a beginner can cultivate them.

Top 20 Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

Amnesia Autoflowering

Amnesia Auto is a very potent sativa-leaning strain member of the prominent Haze family. Because of its genetics, it is an easy to grow plant that’s perfect for first-time growers. You can harvest pungent, frosted buds in as early as 7 to 9 weeks. It may produce low yields because of its size but the buds will have a strong sativa effect with steep THC content at 25%.

Auto Mazar

Auto Mazar was made by combining a legendary Mazar and a very strong indica autoflowering strain. It is a very short, stocky plant in which you can grow indoors or inside a secret growing cabinet or tent. It is the best choice for novice growers as it’s very easy to cultivate. You will get an overwhelming mellow high that will keep you sleepy and grounded all day long.

Blackberry Kush Auto

This auto strain was created by combining the Hindu Kush and a Blueberry. The result is a very potent indica autoflowering strain with an average height. It works best for indoor, outdoor, or inside a greenhouse. It has a purple color but usually, these turn to black as the plant becomes more mature. It yields high giving you very sticky flowers with a potent blackberry smell and flavor.

Blue Dream Auto

Blue Dream Auto is the automatic version of Blue Dream, one of the most popular, high-yielding weed strains. It can take 11 weeks to flower though so you need a lot of patience with this plant. It has an average height that will produce very dense sweet buds that will give you the most powerful and lasting effects.

Blueberry Autoflowering

You will immediately fall for the blueberry smell and taste of Blueberry Auto, the automatic version of the classic Blueberry strain. Aside from its flavor, this auto plant is selected for its size. It grows well in small growing areas, even on a tiny balcony. And despite its size, it can give you fairly average yields. You also get moderate amounts of THC and CBD making this a good recreational and therapeutic strain to enjoy.

Cream Caramel Autoflowering

Cream Caramel is a compact autoflowering plant that can be cultivated in almost all kinds of environments. It flowers early at 8 weeks giving you buds with a decent 15% THC. But before harvest, the magic begins. As long as you provide the best care, your small plants can produce up to 500 grams per square meter of growing area as it will develop its dense and heavy buds. Cream Caramel is indeed suited for micro-growers and for people who want to grow weed stealthily.

Girl Scout Cookies Autoflowering

Girl Scout Cookies automatically produces buds with the highest-quality weed. This Indica strain can produce average-size buds that are teeming with delicious flavors and are very potent. GSC auto plants will respond well to training and will produce good yields up to 7 ounces per plant. You will love to smoke these sticky buds and benefit from their physical and mental effects. THC levels can be as high as 22% and thus, you must exercise extreme caution when consuming this strain to avoid a classic couch lock effect.

Gorilla Glue Autoflowering

Gorilla Glue automatic strain is a very popular strain known for their very potent, sticky buds that can stick to your trimming tools; hence its gooey name.  Gorilla Glue auto may be grown indoors or outdoors with an average height. It is very easy to grow that even beginners will agree. Once the buds have fully formed, you will have dense flowers oozing with rich trichomes with a very rich sweet-pungent smell.  Gorilla Glue can instantly knock you off your feet with a THC of 24% so take it moderately.

Green Crack Auto 

Green Crack Auto is a very popular strain derived from a Green Crack and a ruderalis strain. This is the ultimate short strain as it has the predominant Afghani traits with very high yields. These plants will flower as early as 63 days while the plants are just 23 to 35 inches tall. The yields can go as high as 500 to 650 grams per square meter indoors and 300 grams max outdoors. 

Kalashnikova Autoflowering

Considered one of the most lethal strains due to its very intense high and amazing growing qualities, Kalashnikova auto will be ready for picking in just 9 weeks. It can also give you good yields despite its small, less than a meter size. Kalashnikova was created by crossing an AK47 and a very popular White Widow. This is why you’ll be familiar with its fruity, spicy, and rich smoke that will instantly fill your senses. 

Lowryder #2 Autoflowering

Lowryder #2 was made through the in-breeding of the original Lowryder strain. #2 is a fast-flowering plant capable of harvest in just 63 days. It has a stronger high and average THC coming from its thick resin. The plants are small with buds tasting like ripe berries. It’s the perfect stealth plant because of its height, size, and yield.

Moby Dick XXL Autoflowering

Moby Dick XXL is a fast flowering and productive plant. Despite its auto genetics, it grows massively and will eat up all your growing space! It flowers longer at 12 weeks but waits till you see its very dense buds. You can get as much as 200 grams of yield per plant with buds loaded with rich THC. It’s one of the best daytime strains that will keep you energized for the rest of the day.

Northern Light Autoflowering

Northern Light auto is a huge and productive strain that will grow into very resilient and highly-potent plants. The large buds are covered with rich resin, perfect for concentrate makers. You will love its earthy and citrusy aroma which pairs well with its relaxing and easy effects.

Pineapple Express Autoflowering

Pineapple Express auto will grow into healthy, average-sized plants with very tight buds and sticky colas. The tropical smell and flavor will forever linger in your senses and some say that the buds have very stimulating and aphrodisiac effects. This plant grows indoors or outdoors and will give you good yields up to 300 grams per plant.

Royal Critical Autoflowering

This auto strain was created to produce high yields. It flowers early at only 8 weeks and can give you high THC and generous dense buds with a skunky smell and taste. The plants have an average height with very high yields. Because of its short lifespan, many growers cultivate this strain twice or thrice a year.  

Sour Diesel Autoflowering

Sour Diesel Auto is a sativa-dominant automatic strain that will grow up to 2 meters but will respond well to indoor topping and fimming. We recommend growing under SOG to get the best yields. The buds can produce as much as 17% THC.

Super Lemon Haze Autoflowering

Super Lemon Haze auto is one of the easiest to grow and will be ready to give you good yields indoors or outdoors. This hybrid will flower as early as 49 days. The plants are small to average in height producing medium-sized buds with a frosty cover. The flavor of Super Lemon Haze will entice you; perfect for its spacey and heady high.

Super Skunk Auto

Super Skunk Automatic is a very productive indica that grows short and compact. The buds are large and very smelly, making your room heavy with sweet and pungent aromas. It is a small plant but capable of producing up to 200 grams per square meter of yield. 

UK Cheese Autoflowering

UK Cheese autoflower is an indica-dominant cannabis strain created from Cheese and Lowryder #2. It is a large plant that can be cultivated indoors or outdoors as long as you have space. It takes longer to harvest but guaranteed you’ll get good yields up to 125 grams per plant. It is popular for its dank buds covered with very rich delicious trichomes.

White Widow Autoflowering

Derived from the popular White Widow strain, Wide Widow auto is a strain known for its short height (the mature plant is only 20 inches tall!) and precious buds covered with crystal trichomes. The effects range from a euphoric high to mild mental stimulation. White Widow auto has average yields but can be enhanced with low-stress training. You may use the screen of the green method to enhance its yields and boost plant growth.

So what can you say about our best autoflowering seeds? As long as you care for your plants properly and provide the best nutrients and ideal growing conditions, you can grow healthy and very productive automatic plants even more than once a year. 

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