Ari Raptis

Ari Raptis: The Visionary Leader and CEO of Talaria LLC Driving Business Success

Ari Raptis, a serial entrepreneur with a background in supply chain management and logistics, recognized a critical gap in the emerging cannabis industry: a lack of infrastructure. Raptis leveraged his experience to fill this need by founding Talaria LLC, a pioneering logistics company focused on addressing the unique challenges presented by the fast-growing cannabis sector.

Talaria LLC: The Essential Link in the Cannabis Supply Chain

Established in 2017, Talaria stepped in to provide a much-needed infrastructure for the cannabis industry, which was grappling with limited support from traditional transporters and distributors. As a third-party transporter, Talaria has emerged as a vital player in the sector, ensuring the efficient movement of raw materials, finished products, and lab samples.

Facing the Challenges: Compliance and Security

Operating in 27 states, Talaria faces the daunting task of navigating equally as many regulatory environments. Raptis emphasized the importance of a robust license and compliance team, who work diligently to ensure the company keeps up with the ever-evolving legal landscape.

With stringent security requirements in this industry, Talaria sets itself apart by hiring retired law enforcement personnel for transportation. In doing so, they maintain a high level of compliance and manage risks associated with their operations effectively.

Expansion and Diversification: National Secure Transport and Melly Home Delivery

Recently, Talaria added two affiliate companies—National Secure Transport and Melly Home Delivery—to its operations, enhancing its portfolio of offerings. National Secure Transport provides infrastructure for cash vault services, while Melly Go offers a compliant home delivery service for patients requiring access to cannabis products.

These acquisitions complement Talaria’s core capabilities in secure logistics, together creating a comprehensive range of services catered to the specific needs of the cannabis industry.

Looking to the Future: Strategic Growth and Technological Advancements

Raptis has ambitious plans for the future of Talaria and its affiliate companies. Talaria is slated to introduce its distribution platform in New Jersey, New York, and other states, with an investment in warehousing and brand management. Its projection for entering the New York and New Jersey markets are early 2024 and March, respectively.

National Secure Transport is set to expand into seven more states, increasing their presence to 36 states by the end of 2024. And Melly Go is eyeing growth in the Missouri, Maryland, New Jersey, and New York markets.


Ari Raptis’ vision and tenacity have propelled Talaria LLC to the forefront of cannabis logistics, helping drive business success and transforming the way this budding industry operates. By combining secure logistics and innovative solutions to ever-present challenges, Raptis and his team at Talaria are poised to navigate the path into a promising and dynamic future.

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