Alien Invasion Marijuana Strain Review & Info

Alien Invasion is an indica-dominant hybrid strain (80% indica/20% sativa), cultivated as a backcross of the infamous Alien Abduction strain. With a name like that, this strain promises a transcendental, out-of-this-world experience that is best suited for experienced users due to its incredibly high THC level ranging from 27 to 35%.

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The journey with Alien Invasion begins with a rush of cerebral effect that seeps into your mind with unyielding potency. This initial encounter leaves you uplifted and focused, exhibiting tendencies towards giggliness. As your mind embarks on this euphoric course, a soothing body high starts to wash over, leaving the user in a relaxed state, somewhat couch-locked, and completely devoid of pain.

Therapeutic Potential

Owing to its potent effects and high THC levels, Alien Invasion is often recommended for experienced users who are dealing with chronic stress, ADD or ADHD, persistent pain, insomnia, and conditions related to loss of appetite or nausea. The strain’s considerable power in tackling both mental and physical discomforts gives it substantial therapeutic potential.

Flavor and Aroma

Alien Invasion offers a robust and varied flavor profile, boasting a sweet citrusy flavor enriched by a potent herbal chemical note. This strong flavor turns noticeably pungent as the strain is consumed. Its aroma is no less complex, it has an earthy and pungent profile with a citrus chemical undertone that becomes subtly sour and spicy as the nugs are ignited.


Alien Invasion nugs are fluffy, oversized, and hold an olive green hue, further adorned with dark amber hairs. The buds are layered with a sparkling cover of bright white crystal trichomes that stand testament to the strain’s remarkable potency.


In conclusion, Alien Invasion delivers a forceful high, packed with a varied sensory palette that enthralls your taste buds and nostrils alike. Whether you’re a recreational user seeking a high-powered trip or a medical user looking for a powerful remedy for various discomforts, Alien Invasion sets a new frontier.

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