Alien Inferno Marijuana Strain Review

Alien Inferno is an indica-dominant hybrid that originates from the crossbreeding of White Fire #6, Alien OG, and Diablo strains. With such formidable predecessors, Alien Inferno is known for packing quite a punch, making it less suitable for novice cannabis consumers.

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Despite the indica dominance, the high from Alien Inferno first starts with a cerebral rush that catapults your mind into intricate introspection. The result is a racing mind, compelling the user into deep thought while simultaneously making them more sociable and conversational. As energy levels start to decline, the head high transitions into a stonier state, trickling down throughout your body, hinting at mild sedation.

Therapeutic Potential

Given the strain’s impressively high THC levels, sitting at a minimum of 20% and the intense effects it generates, Alien Inferno is frequently recommended for those suffering from chronic pain, appetite loss, fatigue, and depression. Its balanced impacts on both mind and body, paired with euphoria-triggering effects, make the strain highly beneficial for such conditions.

Flavor and Aroma

The flavor profile of Alien Inferno includes a sweet, lemony kush flavor that merges with hints of earthy pine and diesel, especially when the buds are broken apart and burnt. Corresponding well with its taste, the aroma involves a complex blend of earthy, kush, lemon, pine, and spicy scents that immerses the user in a diverse sensory experience.


Alien Inferno nugs present an appealing hard, forest-green hue, interspersed with vibrant red hairs. Accentuating its appearance is a dense frosting of bright, white crystal trichomes that speaks clearly to the strain’s potency.


To conclude, Alien Inferno is a robust strain that offers potent effects alongside an enthralling flavor profile. Whether you’re seeking a strain for symptom relief or a substantial high for recreational purposes, Alien Inferno caters to a multitude of needs, though beginners may want to consider their tolerance levels first.

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