Alien Girl Marijuana Strain Review

Alien Girl, a slightly indica dominant hybrid strain (60% indica/40% sativa), is a rare breed, the result of combining the famed Lodi Dodi and Alien Rift strains. Despite its scarcity in conventional markets, this bud is highly sought after due to its high potency and euphoric effects.

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The high from Alien Girl initiates with a burst of cerebral euphoria that catapults your mind into an unfocused state of bliss. A tingling sensation starts to grace the back of your mind, fostering creativity and filling your mind with imaginative, artistic visions. This tingling soon permeates the rest of your body, leaving you entirely couch-locked and harmonizing you with your surroundings. At times, these calming effects may transition into soft sedation, often culminating in a peaceful, long-lasting nap.

Therapeutic Potential

Given its potent effects and impressive THC levels that range between 22 and 25%, Alien Girl is often recommended for those dealing with chronic pain, depression, inflammation, stress, and PTSD. Its cognitive stimulation combined with a full-body soothing sensation make it a viable choice for such ailments.

Flavor and Aroma

Alien Girl guarantees a sensory delight with a sweet fruity citrus flavor that subtly transitions into a sour and spicy upon exhale. Its aroma breaks away from the ordinary with an earthy and pungent presence, complemented by a rich lemony grape overtone that adds both spice and sweetness. This aroma intensifies into a more pungently sour profile as the nugs are burnt.


Alien Girl buds have a rather airy and fluffy character, shaped like popcorn, sporting orange hair strands amidst golden amber crystal trichomes.


In conclusion, Alien Girl is a high-potency strain recognized for offering considerable euphoric and relaxing effects. Its intriguing blend of flavors and aromas, paired with its balanced high, makes it appealing despite its rarity, whether for recreational or therapeutic use.

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