Alien Dutchess Marijuana Strain Review & Info

Alien Dutchess is a rare sativa-dominant hybrid that represents an exciting mix of the delightful Dutch Treat Haze and the potent Alien OG strain. This strain produces incredibly powerful effects coupled with an addictive flavor, promising an intense smoking experience.

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Effects and Experience

The high induced by Alien Dutchess begins with a pronounced cerebral onset that clears your mind and infuses you with a lifted sense of euphoria. This high breeds focus and motivation, making Alien Dutchess the ideal companion when you need to stay productive and accomplish tasks. Simultaneously, a feeling of joyful relaxation washes over your body and mind, putting you at ease and gently stirring up your hunger.

Given these effects and the staggering average THC level of 26-28%, Alien Dutchess is said to provide beneficial relief for ailments such as nausea, chronic stress, headaches or migraines, loss of appetite, and ADD or ADHD.

Flavor and Aroma Profile

The flavor profile of Alien Dutchess is as compelling as its effects. Smokers experience a delightful blend of herbal spiciness with hints of lemon and berry on each woody exhale. In terms of aroma, Alien Dutchess does not disappoint, as it exhibits a sweet and herbal scent with an earthy and woody undertone, highlighted by a touch of tangy citrus as the nugs are burned.


Visually, Alien Dutchess sets itself apart with its small, round forest-green buds. Scattered sparingly over these buds are amber hairs, complemented by a coating of chunky amber crystal trichomes, enhancing their overall beauty and appeal.

Therapeutic Uses

In addition to its recreational use, Alien Dutchess demonstrates potential therapeutic applications. Its properties are reported to alleviate symptoms linked to ADD/ADHD, headaches, loss of appetite, nausea, and stress.


In summary, with its powerful effects, enchanting flavors, enticing aroma, and potential therapeutic benefits, Alien Dutchess is a notable strain in the cannabis world. It’s an excellent choice for seasoned cannabis consumers or those seeking relief from specific symptoms. As always, it’s crucial to keep individual tolerance thresholds in mind when experimenting with a high-THC strain like Alien Dutchess, and a healthcare provider should be consulted, especially for medicinal uses.

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