Alien Bubba Marijuana Strain Review & Info

A powerhouse in the world of cannabis strains, Alien Bubba has earned its place in the heart of cannabis connoisseurs. This indica-dominant strain is an eminent cross between the potent Alien Kush and Bubba Kush strains. In addition to its noteworthy ancestry, this award-winning bud packs a powerful, long-lasting high, attributed to an impressive average THC level of 21%.

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Effects and Experience

Alien Bubba is known for its slowly building high that sweeps over you almost without notice until a potent, relaxing stone state takes hold. This strain invites you into a hazy introspective realm, leading to a feeling of being distant and distracted yet incredibly tranquil.

As your cognitive processes meander towards a blissful oblivion, your body succumbs, lured into an enduring couch-locked state. Due to this potent impact, Alien Bubba is highly recommended for seasoned users and those grappling with ailments including appetite loss, inflammation, chronic pain, and depression.

Flavor and Aroma Profile

This strain stands out in the taste department as well, offering a sweet sensation akin to a fresh glass of berry-infused herbal tea. However, the aroma takes a more pungent turn, with an earthy grassiness accented by spicy florals and berries.

Physical Attributes

Alien Bubba catches the eye with the luminous, neon green, grape-shaped buds. These oversized nuggets, sparsely strewn with thin, orange hairs, are fully adorned with a layer of frosty white crystal trichomes.

Therapeutic Uses

Because of its powerful effects, Alien Bubba is often chosen for its potential therapeutic benefits. It may provide relief for those dealing with chronic pain, depression, inflammation, stress, and anorexia.

Final Thoughts

Alien Bubba checks the desirables for any marijuana strain – an impressive lineage, potent effects, remarkable taste, striking aroma, and potential therapeutic benefits. This strain could be a fitting choice for experienced users seeking respite from specific conditions or for those seeking a unique recreational high. However, remember to consider factors like personal body chemistry, age, and tolerance when trying a new strain and, as always, consume mindfully.

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