Alien Blues Marijuana Strain Review & Info

Presenting an unmatched combination of flavor, fragrance, resin production, and yield, the Alien Blues strain has marked its territory in the world of cannabis. This marijuana strain is an exciting product of meticulous breeding that taps into the best cannabis varietals such as the Colorado cut of Blackberry (DJ Short) and Super Skunk.

Known for its smoothness and delightful taste, Alien Blues has garnered a loyal following amongst cannabis enthusiasts. It is an indica-dominant hybrid with an average flowering time of 55-65 days. Apart from its impressive features, Alien Blues takes its users on a flavorful journey blending the tastes of berries and licorice.

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Genetic Lineage

The genetic lineage of Alien Blues is a tribute to its impressively profiled ancestors – Super Skunk X Alien Bubba and Blueberry X Alien Bubba. These strain crosses have effectively unleashed the profound fruity characteristics from both ancestors, making this strain a one-of-a-kind berry-flavored cannabis variety.

Appearance and Aroma

Visually, Alien Blues is as delightful as its taste, featuring fluffy nugs coated with glittering crystals. This strain exudes an earthy aroma combined with noticeable fruity notes, making it an encounter for the senses.


Alien Blues delivers a profound body high that manifests a mellow, relaxing experience for its users. Its THC level stands at 17 percent, and it has a CBD level of 0.074 percent.

Therapeutic Benefits

As pleasing as it is to the taste buds, Alien Blues also showcases esteeming therapeutic benefits. It is regarded as an effective strain for those seeking relief from chronic pain, anxiety, and insomnia, making it not just a flavorful choice, but a potent one for enthusiasts and medical users alike.

Flavors and Aromas

Alien Blues strain boasts a fruity flavor that stays true to its lineage, and the aroma it emanates is predominantly earthy with striking fruity undertones.


By all accounts, the Alien Blues cannabis strain bridges the gap between a delightful sensory experience and potent therapeutic effects, making it a preferred choice for many. Whether you enjoy fruity flavors or require a strain to help with relaxation and pain relief, Alien Blues might just hit the spot. Always remember to consume responsibly and consider factors like personal body chemistry, age, and tolerance when trying a new strain.

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