Alaskan Ice Marijuana Strain Review & Info

Alaskan Ice is a Sativa-dominant hybrid marijuana strain with a 30/70 Indica/Sativa mix, beloved by enthusiasts for its potency and unique characteristics. This particular strain is a combination of Green House White Widow and Pure Haze strains, highlighting a distinctive palette of frosty green buds adorned with white crystals and golden-yellow hairs.

Whether you’re a seasoned cultivator or exploring indoor gardening, Alaskan Ice offers flexible growing conditions – being suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments. The indoor flowering period extends up to nine weeks and yields an impressive harvest.

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THC, CBD, and CBG Levels in Alaskan Ice

Alaskan Ice is noted for its strong THC content. It boasts an impressive 21.49% THC level, although some sources suggest the presence of THC as high as 34.13%. In addition to this, the strain comprises 1.05% CBD and 1.78% CBG, reinforcing its potent psychoactive influences which deliver a lasting effect.

Aromatic Profile and Flavors

Alaskan Ice carries an earthy aroma, underscored by a robust pine scent that stimulates your senses. The strain’s flavor profile aligns closely with its scent, offering earthy, pine, and nutty undertones. Smokers might also detect traces of spiciness, which adds an inviting warmth to the overall experience.

Effects and Benefits

Alaskan Ice offers a blend of exhilarating effects that stimulate euphoria, sociability, and uplifting moods. Its high potency creates a profound body buzz that initiates cerebral effects, notorious for their calming influence.

As such, Alaskan Ice has potential therapeutic benefits as a natural antidote to stress. It is also known to alleviate various types of pain, such as arthritis and backaches, making it a beneficial option for patients seeking alternative relief measures. Its soothing effects may also aid in conditions including bipolar disorder, depression, fatigue, migraines, muscle spasms, headaches, inflammation, and tinnitus.

Flavors and Aromas Unraveled

Upon interaction with Alaskan Ice, you’ll uncover an intriguing blend of flavors including hash, pine, spice, sweetness, and woody elements. The same culminate into its robust aroma, characterized by earthy, hash, sour, spicy, and woody notes.

Final Thoughts

In addition to its potent properties and therapeutic benefits, Alaskan Ice is popular among growers due to its simplicity to cultivate. Whether you’re an individual seeking relief from physical discomforts, a recreational user desiring a potent breed, or a cultivator looking to explore a resilient strain, Alaskan Ice is a compelling option worth consideration.

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