Alaska Thunder Grape Marijuana Strain Review & Info

Alaska Thunder Grape, more commonly known as “Grape Thunder,” is a seamlessly balanced hybrid strain (50% indica/50% sativa). This strain came to existence from the successful cross-breeding of two eminent strains – Matanuska Thunder Fuck and Grape Ape – and is notorious for its quick efficacy in soothing mental and bodily discomforts.

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The Effects of Alaska Thunder Grape

The immediate-set-in of euphoria post-inhaling Alaska Thunder Grape is guaranteed to catch your attention. This joyous upliftment is rather comforting than being overwhelmingly intense. Users report feeling a sense of tranquility and focused attentiveness, coupled with a gentle tingling sensation engrained at the back of the head and behind the eyes.

As the tingling effect starts expanding, reaching every corner of both mind and body, it lulls you into a tranquil state where pain seems non-existent.

Alaska Thunder Grape: A Friend to Medical Cannabis Patients

With its ultra-potent effects, thanks to the lofty 18-22% average THC level, Alaska Thunder Grape stands out as an ideal choice for patients dealing with conditions like migraines, eye pressure, glaucoma, chronic pain, and stress.

Indulge in the Unique Flair of Alaska Thunder Grape

Experience a unique twist of flavors with Alaska Thunder Grape – bringing a gourmet-like taste with a sweet peppery grape tone, followed by hints of rich florals and earthiness.

The aroma, on the other hand, of this intriguing strain is primarily sweet and earthy, layered with a pungent skunky undertone subtly highlighted by the sweet aromatic hints of lavender and grape.

Bud Characteristics of Alaska Thunder Grape

Alaska Thunder Grape buds are medium-sized, tightly-packed purple nuggets. Bright orange hairs are scattered over these buds, further accentuated by a noticeable covering of lavender crystal trichomes, infusing an additional appealing facet to this marijuana strain.

The Facets of Alaska Thunder Grape’s Effects

Among the effects of Alaska Thunder Grape, the most salient ones lie in its potential for promoting creativity, inspiring euphoria, sharpening focus, and delivering a relaxing experience.

Therapeutic Potential of Alaska Thunder Grape

In a therapeutic context, efforts with Alaska Thunder Grape strain have shown promise in alleviating chronic pain, glaucoma, eye pressure, headaches, and stress.

Alaska Thunder Grape’s Flavor Profile

A captivating mix of flavors flare up when it comes to Alaska Thunder Grape strain, providing users with a fascinating blend of grape, lavender, peppery, and sweet notes.

Discerning the Aromas of Alaska Thunder Grape

Complementing its unique flavors, it bears a variety of aromas such as floral, lavender, sage, skunky, and sweet that make for an exceptional aromatic encounter.

In Conclusion

Prominent for its high potency, intriguing flavors, varied aromas, and a balance of effects, Alaska Thunder Grape is indeed a favorable choice for both recreational and medicinal cannabis users. Whether you seek relief from discomfort or yearn for an uplifting, creative spark, this strain might be just the right pick.

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