Akong 47 Marijuana Strain Review and Information

Akong 47 is an uncommonly balanced hybrid strain of cannabis, stemming from a 50% indica and 50% sativa blend. This unique strain was conceived through crossing the powerful AK-47 and King Kong strains. It is characterized by an intense high that takes effect just minutes after your last smoke. This instantaneous impact submerges the user into a drifting state of euphoria.

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As the hazy lifted effect consumes your mind, you may find yourself slipping into a blissful oblivion. In tandem with the mental transition, your body succumbs to a profound relaxation. The euphoric sedative effect is quick to lend itself towards a restful state. Akong 47 often lulls you into a state of drowsiness, paving the way towards a deep and peaceful slumber. Due to its powerful and enduring effects, Akong 47 is frequently used to alleviate various conditions such as insomnia, depression, chronic pain, nausea, and chronic fatigue.

However, it’s important to note that if you have any inkling of paranoia or anxiety, you should steer clear from this strain as it tends to amplify these conditions.

Flavors and Aromas

Akong 47 offers users an intriguing sensory experience with its distinct flavors and aromas. On the tongue, you can expect a sour skunky flavor that is juxtaposed with a dank herbal exhale. Its aroma parallels its flavor, yielding a hearty dank herbal essence emitted when the nuggets are burned. The fragrance can be described as intense and pungent, with skunky and sour notes.


In terms of appearance, Akong 47 buds are distinguishable by their larger size, heart shape, and their rich forest green hue. They are adorned with thick, furry dark orange hairs that add to their striking appeal. Adding to their allure is a coating of chunky amber crystal trichomes that cover the buds.


In conclusion, Akong 47 is a potent strain that provides a highly euphoric and relaxing high. Its balanced hybrid nature, tantalizing flavor and aroma, and distinctive appearance make it a notable and unique strain in the world of cannabis. However, due caution must be exercised when considering this strain for individuals with paranoia or anxiety, given its potential to exacerbate these conditions. A strain that can both stimulate and calm, Akong 47 encapsulates a truly immersive cannabis experience.

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