Akimbo’s Snow Grapes Marijuana Strain Review & Info

Akimbo’s Snow Grapes is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain (70% sativa/30% indica) conceived by the renowned breeders at Akimbo in Denver. A cross between Grape God and Snow Dawg strains, it possesses a medium THC level ranging between 15-18% and an abundance of potent sativa and indica induced effects.

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Flavor and Aroma Profile

Akimbo’s Snow Grapes offers a multifaceted sensory experience defined by an earthy grape aroma and flavor that sweetens as you exhale. Surprisingly, notes of chemical tones enrich the taste and aroma.

Effects and Benefits

The high from Akimbo’s Snow Grapes is characterized by an immediate onset of a creative, energized head-high that fosters focus and euphoria without overpowering you. Progressively, this cerebral boost is accompanied by a sense of full-body relaxation and immense relief, both mentally and physically.

This balance between cerebral stimulation and bodily tranquillity renders Akimbo’s Snow Grapes an optimal strain for individuals dealing with depression, neuropathy, fatigue, and chronic pain resulting from an injury or illness.

Physical Attributes

Akimbo’s Snow Grapes showcases thick, dense, spade-shaped buds colored in a dark olive green, elevated by rich purple undertones and fiery red hairs. These nugs, medium-sized and furry, are covered in a layer of delightful white crystal trichomes.

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