AK Cookies Marijuana Strain Review & Info

AK Cookies is a rare slightly sativa-dominant hybrid strain (60% sativa/40% indica) created through crossing the powerful AK-47 and Girl Scout Cookie strains. It is a perfect choice for those who adore potent Cookie strains, as this bud brings a hard-hitting high that captivates both mind and body.

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Flavor and Aroma Profile

AK Cookies offer a sweet, earthy flavor, enlivened with a gentle hint of herbal tones on exhale. The aroma is slightly spicy and woody, remaining firmly earthy with a sweet undertone, collectively creating a sophisticated olfactory experience.

Effects and Benefits

With a high average THC level ranging between 22-24%, AK Cookies delivers a high that begins with a swift onset of cerebral effects, causing an expansive sense of euphoria and creativity. As your mental state elevates, a tingly sensation spreads throughout your body, relaxing you and imbuing mild numbness. This potent combination gradually shifts to a sedative state, ultimately triggering a deep and peaceful sleep.

AK Cookies’ robust effects make it a favorable choice for treating chronic pain, cramps or muscle spasms, chronic stress or anxiety, and depression.

Physical Attributes

Visually, AK Cookies features grape-shaped, bright neon green nugs adorned with thin clear hairs. A frosty layer of matching crystal trichomes coats these buds, contributing to its visual allure.

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