AK-48 Marijuana Strain Review & Information

AK-48 may share a similar name to the celebrated AK-47, but the parallels stop there. With different parent strains, different breeders, and divergent DNA, the two strains offer quite different experiences. AK-48 is predominately indica (with an approximate sativa/indica ratio of 35:65), contrasting with AK-47’s sativa-dominance. Both strains, however, are acknowledged for their potency, attaining approximate top THC levels of 20%.

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Taste and Aroma Profile

The taste and aroma of AK-48 bring to mind a delightful tropical concoction. Notes of blueberries, mangoes, and pineapples give this strain a sweet edge, making it a tantalizing treat for the senses.

Effects and Benefits

AK-48, originating from Jock Horror and Ice strains, facilitates a soothing body high along with clear-headed cerebral effects—an excellent remedy for anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and appetite loss. The most frequent side effect of this strain is dry mouth, followed by dry eyes, paranoia, and occasional headaches.

With less than 1% CBD, AK-48 is not ideally suited for patients with seizure disorders but is otherwise a powerful aid for various conditions.

Physical Attributes

The bud of AK-48 presents a distinctive appearance, featuring a blend of light and dark greens with light brown strands. Enhancing its allure is a silvery layer of trichomes, giving the bud a frosted appearance.

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