AK-47 Marijuana Strain Review & Information

Renowned as “AK,” “AK47,” or “AK 47,” AK-47 is a slightly sativa-dominant hybrid strain boasting a 65% sativa/35% indica split. It’s a product of amalgamating the classic Colombian, Mexican, Thai, and Afghani strains. This notable strain is cherished for its powerful cerebral effects that procure a lasting buzz.

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Flavor and Aroma Profile

AK-47 bud reveals a slightly sweet, sour, earthy flavor with a mildly spicy exhale that becomes increasingly intense with each consecutive puff. Its aroma follows a similar pattern, dominated by an earthy, herbal overtone, balanced by floral spices, making it an olfactory delight.

Benefits and Effects

The high from AK-47 manifests swiftly after consumption, starting with a cerebral uptick that incites positivity and a surge of euphoric excitation. Engaging in conversation is surprisingly easy as the mind ascends into happiness and the body adjusts to a state of delicate relaxation and comfort.

With these impacts and its average THC level ranging from 13-20%, along with a 0-1% CBD level, AK-47 is frequently selected to manage chronic stress or anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and headaches or migraines.

Physical Attributes

The buds of AK-47 are distinguishable by their oversized and spade-shaped minty green nugs. They are adorned with thick orange hairs and a dazzling layer of frosty amber crystal trichomes, enhancing their appeal.

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