AK-420 Marijuana Strain Review & Information

AK-420, a remarkably rare sativa-dominant hybrid strain, traces its lineage back to the notorious AK-47 strain. Even with scant details about its secondary parentage, AK-420 is admired for its potent effects and a high average THC level of 26%.

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Taste and Aroma

AK-420 offers a classic flavor and aroma. It’s marked by earthy pungent undertones, enriched by a spicy overtone. This unique combination provides a rich sensory experience during consumption.

Effects and Benefits

AK-420 is known for its quick-hitting effects. With just a single dose, you’ll be propelled into a state of euphoria, mellow relaxation, and sociability. Despite the mental haze this strain brings about, it doesn’t compromise energy levels, leaving you in a state of total comfort.

This strain could stimulate introspective feelings, leading to a disoriented and spacey sensation even as sociability increases. However, its potent impact and high THC content make AK-420 a splendid choice for treating chronic anxiety, depression, stress, and fatigue.

Physical Attributes

AK-420 buds are long, tight, grape-shaped, and exhibit an appealing bluish-green hue. Their attractiveness is further enhanced by vibrant amber hair strands and a layer of tiny crystal-clear trichomes.

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