Aj’S Sour Diesel Marijuana Strain Review & Information

AJ’s Sour Diesel, a slightly sativa-dominant hybrid strain (65% sativa/35% indica), is created by crossing the renowned Sour Diesel with an unknown hybrid strain. Its true heritage remains a mystery, but the strain remains popular among patients due to its long-lasting and uplifting effects.

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Aroma and Flavor Profile

This bud has a sour lemon flavor accompanied by herbs, spices, and a hint of savory skunk during exhale. Its aroma is predominantly earthy with a spicy diesel overtone, further enriched by sour citrus and pungent skunk notes.

Effects and Benefits

AJ’s Sour Diesel induces an uplifting high that eliminates negative thoughts, inducing a state of clarity and focus. Alongside this mental effect, users will experience a boost in energy and creativity, making it an excellent choice for artistic endeavors. These long-lasting effects neither cause anxiety nor sedation, allowing both mind and body to settle comfortably.

Owing to its high THC levels (23-28% on average), AJ’s Sour Diesel is effective in treating medical conditions such as chronic stress, depression, chronic fatigue, mood swings, and chronic pain.

Physical Properties

The physical characteristics of AJ’s Sour Diesel involve small, heart-shaped forest green nugs, adorned with orange hairs and a frosted coating of amber crystal trichomes, enhancing its visual appeal.

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