Airborne G13 Marijuana Strain Review & Information

Airborne G13, also called “G-13 Airborne” or simply “Airborne G-13”, is an indica-dominant hybrid strain (70% indica/30% sativa). This unique strain was created through breeding two potent strains, Northern Lights #2, and G-13. As a robust bud boasting soaring effects, it is well-suited for a leisurely afternoon or evening, making it a favorite among high-powered indica enthusiasts.

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Aroma and Flavor Profile

Airborne G13 entices with a distinctive aromatic and flavor profile. The buds offer a palate of sweet and sour citrusy tastes, spiced up by hints of diesel and sage. The aroma metaphorically mirrors the flavor, highlighted by a spicy diesel overtone layered with sour citrusy lemons and herbal sage.

Effects and Benefits

The high from Airborne G13 seeps in gradually, initiating with an inconspicuous effect that incrementally pervades both mind and body. Users can expect an uplifted mood, with happiness wiping away any negative thoughts or moods. This is followed by a relaxing bodily high, washing over you and culminating in a deep feeling of calm that promotes relaxation and peace with your surroundings.

Coupled with an extraordinarily high average THC level (around 28-30%), the effects of Airborne G13 have therapeutic potential. The strain is suitable for addressing various conditions, such as chronic stress, anxiety, depression, persistent pain, as well as cramps or muscle spasms.

Physical Properties

Aesthetically, Airborne G13 buds stand out with small, bright neon-green, triangle-shaped nuggets. Looks are embellished by thick orange hairs and tiny, golden-white trichomes, rounding off its visually attractive appeal.


Appreciated for its robust, tranquilizing effects paired with a delightful aroma and flavor, Airborne G13 earns a place as a top-notch strain, especially for lovers of powerful indica strains. Its combination of soaring effects, coupled with high THC levels, positions it as a potential therapeutic aid for an array of conditions. As always, remember to consume responsibly as you enjoy the relaxing and uplifting journey that Airborne G13 provides.

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