Air Jordan OG Marijuana Strain Review & Information

Known by the name of “Air Jordan OG,” this indica strain is 100% pure and has resulted from unknown indica parent strains. Boasting a noteworthy potency, Air Jordan OG fulfills patients’ needs by delivering sweet relief aids in promoting restful sleep.

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Aroma and Flavor Profile

Air Jordan OG possesses a flavor that hints at sweet woody pine, complemented by an overwhelmingly dank exhale. This is preceded by an even stronger aroma punctuated by a powerful pungency, dank woody pine and spicy earthiness. This combination creatively serves to enhance the overall user experience.

Effects and Benefits

The high from Air Jordan OG features a slow buildup that begins as a tingling sensation across the body. This sensation amplifies over time into a potent full body buzz, providing immense relaxation and at times, couch-locking effects. These relaxing effects can potentially shift into sedation, requiring the user to be cautious with dosage levels unless sleep is the ultimate goal.

With its high THC content – between 27-30%, Air Jordan OG is a favorable choice for managing conditions such as insomnia, chronic pain, depression, chronic stress or PTSD, and even nausea.

Physical Properties

Air Jordan OG buds grow oversized, exceptionally dense, and heavy with a conical shape. They feature amber undertones, lots of thin orange hairs, and a sprinkling of sparkling amber crystal trichomes, adding to the strain’s visual fascination.


Air Jordan OG is a potent and distinctive indica strain delivering a host of potential therapeutic effects. Through its ability to aid sleep, fight depression, manage chronic pain, and soothe nausea, it caters to a wide range of needs. The strain’s pleasurable flavor profile, coupled with its potent THC level, creates a unique cannabis experience, deserving responsible enjoyment.

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