Agharta Marijuana Strain Review & Info

Agharta, or Agartha as it’s also known, is an evenly balanced hybrid strain (50% indica/50% sativa), the result of crossing the powerful Colorado Bubba and Grateful Breath strains. With its highly medicinal overtones and calming characteristics, it’s perfect for those wanting to experience gentle soothing from head to toe without altering their mental state significantly.

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Aroma and Flavor Profile

Agharta is a treat for the senses due to its distinctive flavor and aroma. This strain greets the taste buds with a sweet and fruity mix of raspberry berries, and concludes with a slightly spicy citrusy exhale. The aroma complements the taste effectively, with a complex combination of spicy diesel, sour lemon, and pine that further intensify as you smoke more.

Effects and Benefits

The high from Agharta is mild and takes a bit of time to settle in. However, once it does, it subtly enhances your mood and induces physical relaxation, helping you stretch out and unwind. With feelings of cheerfulness and a clear mind, the effects enable you to kick back. The strain’s relaxing properties can also encourage sleep, particularly if you’re ready for a restful nap!

Moreover, Agharta’s low THC level (0-1%) and high CBD level (8-10%) particularly cater for medicinal cannabis users. The tranquillizing effects of Agharta make it a popular choice for those dealing with conditions such as arthritis, insomnia, inflammation, chronic stress, cramps, and persistent pain.

Physical Properties

Aesthetically, Agharta is quite appealing. Its buds feature a long pepper shape with forest green hues and amber undertones, adorned with thin orange hairs, and sprinkled with a fine layer of golden-white crystal trichomes.


If you’re seeking a thoroughly calming yet subtly mood-enhancing strain, Agharta might be the answer. With its balanced genetics, delightful aroma and flavor, high CBD content, and benign THC level, it offers an enjoyable, therapeutic experience, particularly suited to those searching for relief from various conditions. Always remembering responsible usage, you can tap into Agharta’s soothing effects, cultivating a relaxed, gentle journey towards wellness.

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