Agent Lemon Marijuana Strain Review & Info

Agent Lemon, a balanced hybrid strain, sits at an equilibrium with 50% indica and 50% sativa. Arising from the cross of potent parent strains, Agent Orange Lemon Pheno, and Jack the Ripper, Agent Lemon blossoms into a potent bud with a vibrant flavor palate and potentiated high.

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Flavor Profile

True to its name, Agent Lemon possesses a distinctively vibrant flavor profile that mimics a sour lemon punch with shades of tangy oranges. An intriguing hint of spicy, floral lavender undertones adds an unexpected twist to the flavor. This explosive citrus blend serves as an invigorating treat for the taste buds.


The aroma of Agent Lemon mirrors its vivacious flavor palette. A predominant floral lavender fragrance is accentuated by the refreshing notes of sour oranges and tangy lemons. This aromatic symphony makes the smoking experience an appealing sensation for the olfactory senses.

High and Effects

Differing from its bright flavor and aroma, the high induced by Agent Lemon is subtly invigorating. Rather than boosting energy levels, it uplifts spirits with a sense of tingling and stimulating happiness taking over the mind swiftly. The strain promotes creativity and sociability, enabling easy interaction with people around you. This lively mental state often dovetails with bursts of laughter. A soothing body high accompanies the cerebral boost, anchoring you solidly to reality. With a moderately high average THC of 12-22% and CBD ranging from 0-2%, Agent Lemon is touted as an effective treatment for a range of ailments encompassing chronic pain, depression, glaucoma, insomnia, inflammation, and arthritis.


The Agent Lemon bud boasts long and fluffy forest green nugs shaped like a pepper with a hint of mint hues. Illuminated by thin, long, light orange hair, and a frosting of chunky bright white trichomes, this strain is as visually appealing as it is effective.


With a balanced blend of invigorating flavors, soothing effects, and medicinal potential, Agent Lemon is an exceptional strain. Its bright citrus-forward profile will engage anyone in search of a deeply satisfying cannabis experience while providing an array of therapeutic benefits. Whether you seek a flavor burst or a source of relief from chronic ailments, Agent Lemon’s unique profile is a compelling choice.

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