Agent D Marijuana Strain Review & Info

Agent D, more widely recognized as ‘Orange Diesel’ or ‘Sour Orange Diesel,’ is a slightly sativa-dominant hybrid strain with a balanced composition of 60% sativa and 40% indica. This strain stands as a fruitful cross between Sour Diesel and Agent Orange. Despite its multiple monikers, for years, it has become a favorite among users for its uniquely distinctive creamy orange and sour diesel flavor coupled with well-rounded effects.

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Flavor Profile

Offering a unique concoction, Agent D amalgamates a creamy orange taste with the punchy notes of sour diesel. This combination results in a tinge that’s unprecedented, making it tantalizing for those adventurous in their choice of strains.

High and Effects

The potency of the Agent D high is not only enduring but also intense. It offers an instantaneous uplift with a surge of energy and a razor-sharp focus that extends for long hours, bolstering one’s creativity. Users may find themselves increasingly euphoric as the high progresses, leading to an increase in talkativeness and a tendency towards laughter. Its moderate average THC level between 14-16% acquaints it well to users seeking remedies for issues such as chronic stress or anxiety, attention deficit disorders, fatigue, and depression.


Aesthetically, this strain showcases lumpy neon green buds of medium size. Adding to its appealing visage, it dons thick orange hair and chunky white crystal trichomes. This striking external beauty is a testament to the delightful experience it promises to deliver.


Living true to its lineage, Agent D erupts sharp chemical notes blended with a hint of sweet citrus and a powerful diesel undertone. This pungent aromatic experience mirrors its unique flavor and complements the overall sensory encounter.


Agent D is a strain that delivers on all fronts – taste, aroma, potency, and medical efficacy, making it a popular choice for both recreational and medicinal purposes. Its unique blend of flavors and aromas along with its uplifting and long-lasting effects make this strain a favorite among users. Whether you’re seeking inspiration for creative projects or relief from daily stressors, Agent D bears an intriguing profile that can serve a myriad of uses and preferences.

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