Agape Marijuana Strain Review & Information

Exceptionally sporadic yet categorically delightful, Agape stands as a slightly sativa dominant hybrid strain (60% sativa/40% indica) that hits the junction of the renowned strains Shasta Grape and Black Cherry. Its charming flavor profile and uplifting effects create an all-round appealing strain for seasoned users and novices alike.

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Flavor and Aroma

Flavor-wise, Agape offers an enjoyable, tropical fruit-themed exploration marked predominantly by hints of citrus and berry. This light and sweet taste crescendo with a distinctly citrusy and berry-infused exhalation that delights the senses.

The aroma adheres to the flavor profile but adds its intricate touch. A hint of sour citrus mingles with earthy herbs, which enhances the sensory experience of enjoying this strain.


The effects of Agape are in harmony with its delightful flavor. The high ignites with a sense of lift off that induces an airy suspension where both body and mind feel weightless. This buoyant state showcases a light tingling sensation, which eliminates aches and pains while energizing the user.

Following these initial sensations is a wave of creative motivationÔÇömaking Agape a suitable companion for artistic endeavors. Given these effects and a substantial THC levels (around 15-20%), Agape is a sought-after strain for chronic fatigue, headaches, migraines, inflammation, and eye pressure.


Aesthetically, Agape features fluffy spade-shaped buds that display a dark olive green hue. These buds are ornamented with thin strands of orange hairs and a festooned with a generous layer of tiny, purple-tinged white crystal trichomes. This visual appeal nicely rounds off this strain’s allure.


To summarize, Agape, with its unique traits, is a strain for the cannabis aficionado who appreciates a complex flavor profile and uplifting effects. Its blend of tropical fruitiness with a hint of citrus makes it stand out, while its potential therapeutic benefits could make it a beneficial remedy for a variety of conditions.

In essence, Agape stands out as a rare but worthy strain for exploration. Whether using it for recreational, creative, or therapeutic reasons, this strain promises an experience worth remembering. However, due to its rarity and potent effects, users should be patient and moderate their usage to fully appreciate its range of effects.

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