Afwreck Marijuana Strain Review & Information

The result of cross-breeding the genes of an Afghani strain with the heritage of Trainwreck delivers Afwreck, a robust sativa-dominant hybrid strain. Predominantly available on the West Coast and Arizona, this strain brings with it an enticing blend of effects and flavors.

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Flavor and Aroma

The Afwreck strain boasts a flavor profile that is highlighted by earthy, mint, and lavender notes. When broken apart or burned, the buds exude a distinct skunky aroma that contains traces of cherry bark and pine, making for an aromatic experience as layered and engaging as its flavor.


Sporting a significant sativa dominance (with a sativa/indica ratio of about 70:30), Afwreck induces powerful cerebral effects marked by an uplifting hit of euphoria and mood-enhancement. Its effects oscillate between inspiring creativity and promoting relaxation, dependent on various factors including the user’s tolerance and intake.

With substantial THC levels, exceeding the 20% mark, Afwreck delivers a potent impact. However, its CBD concentration of around 1% suggests it may not be the ideal choice for conditions that typically respond to high-CBD treatments, such as epilepsy.

Therapeutic Benefits

Afwreck proves to be a beneficial strain for alleviating anxiety, depression, muscle spasms, and chronic pain. Moreover, it may help with mitigating nausea and promoting better sleep, thereby serving as a versatile therapeutic aid.


Visually, the Afwreck strain prominently features dark green buds adorned with an abundance of dark orange hairs. These buds are enveloped in a thick layer of trichomes that adds an aesthetic appeal to its robust potential.


To summarize, Afwreck is a potent strain surging with sativa-dominant properties, offering users a distinctive blend of flavors and effects. Despite its relatively low prevalence, it has a considerable reputation where available, largely driven by its impressive THC content and multitude of therapeutic benefits.

Whether you’re looking to ease anxiety or depression, manage chronic pain or muscle spasms, or simply appreciate the unique tastes this strain has to offer, Afwreck presents an inviting option. As such, it is a strain worth exploring for both connoisseur and therapeutically inclined users. However, those seeking high-CBD therapies may need to look elsewhere.

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