After Life OG Marijuana Strain Review & Information

After Life OG is a highly soothing marijuana strain, predominantly indica (70% indica/30% sativa) by nature. This Exotic Genetix breed is the offspring of female Ghostrider OG and frosty male Starfighter F2.

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Flavor and Aroma

After Life OG offers a unique flavor profile described as notably ‘dank’, with perceivable hints of sweetness. The promise of honey and watermelon flavors creates a sugar heaven for your taste buds, surrounding you with sweetness that can be likened to the peace of midnight dew drops falling gently upon you.

The dankness characteristic of this strain is also prominent in its aroma, with an impressively pungent undertone. This potent, enrapturing scent is sure to fuel you up for the ensuing high.


This strain is renowned for amplifying Ghostrider OG’s euphoria-inducing buzz, thereby assuring users a double dose of relief from stress and pain that usually culminates in a sound sleep.

The initial inhale of After Life OG initiates a gathering of energy around the user, building up gradually into a profound bodied high and a sense of relaxation. This makes it a fitting option for anyone looking to drive away stress, anxiety, chronic pain, and insomnia, acting as a metaphorical voyage to a haven of tranquility.

Growing Information

After Life OG requires about 53 days of indoor flowering time, and it should be noted that this plant does not have feminized seeds. Its cultivation can also extend outdoors, making it a versatile option for growers.


After Life OG is a strain that stands tall in its promise to deliver a potent, soothing, and relaxing experience. Its unique flavor lures you into a world of sweet tranquility, paralleled by a pervasive aroma that adds to the overall sensation.

From a therapeutic standpoint, the strain’s ability to potentially alleviate anxiety, chronic pain, stress, and muscle spasms contributes to its reputation in the medical marijuana community.

To sum up, After Life OG is not only a strain with potent effects, but its sweet flavors and calming properties has the potential to transport users into a state of serene bliss. It is definitely a strain worthy of consideration for those seeking a therapeutically beneficial experience as well as recreational users who value a deep relaxation state.

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