After Burner Marijuana Strain Review and Information

After Burner, an Indica dominant hybrid formulated through a potent cross of strains ((Trainwreck X Jet Fuel G6) X (Gorilla Glue #4 X Jet Fuel G6)), is reputable for its strong and long-lasting effects. With a remarkably high average THC level of around 29%, this strain is not suited for beginners or anyone with a low tolerance for potent cannabis.

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Flavor and Aroma

After Burner features a sharp, spicy herbal fuel flavor that can, at times, trigger some coughing. Despite the initial kick, enthusiasts of robust flavors may appreciate its unique blend.

The aroma of this strain is equally intense. It is characterized by heavy and pungent notes and a spicy diesel overtone that easily fills up a space with its distinct smell.


The onset of After Burner’s high is rapid, lifting users into a state of pure euphoria. As the effects progressively build, users may experience an unfocused and rather stoney sensation.

The strain induces a light, pleasing tingling that commences in the back, expanding from the spine throughout the rest of the body. These numbing and warming waves render users totally sedated, often resulting in prolonged periods of relaxation and loss of mobility.

Combined with the high levels of THC, these intense effects make After Burner an ideal choice for experienced users dealing with chronic pain, muscle spasms or cramps, depression, inflammation, and recurring stress.


After Burner buds further add to the strain’s appeal. They are popcorn-shaped and flaunt an olive-green color. These buds are adorned with thin amber hairs and enveloped in a thick layer of frosty white crystal trichomes, forming an enticing visual display.


After Burner stands out as a potent cannabis strain that offers a high-powered experience. Its robust flavors and aroma make for a memorable taste and scent profile, capturing the essence of the cannabis plant.

Its potential to alleviate ailments such as chronic pain, depression, inflammation and muscle spasms might benefit medicative users, warranting consultation with a healthcare professional for tailored advice.

In summary, After Burner offers a deeply relaxing, uplifting experience complete with layered flavors, rich aromas, and potential therapeutic benefits. It is a fitting choice for experienced users seeking a long-lasting, euphoric cannabis journey.

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