Afrikaner Marijuana Strain Review and Information

Hailing from South Africa, Afrikaner is a 100% pure Sativa strain. This uniquely distinct landrace is rare, and its properties make it desired by cannabis enthusiasts who prefer a clear-headed and energizing high.

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Flavor and Aroma

Afrikaner exhibits a delightful blend of flavors. It has a sweet and spicy note with an unexpected hint of earth and savory skunk. This combination offers a complex yet balanced flavor profile that intrigues the palate.

The strain’s aroma complements its taste. Breaking apart each nugget releases a rich fragrance of spicy earth and pungent skunk, ensuring the scent lingers in the air and gives a hint of its nuanced flavor.


With a high that constitutes the quintessential Sativa experience, Afrikaner is perfect for individuals needing an extra push of inspiration or motivation. The onset of its effects takes place almost immediately after exhaling, filling you with focus and igniting a sense of creativity.

An energy influx follows, pushing you to get moving and concentrate on the task at hand. Be aware, though, these effects can intensify, which might not be suitable for those prone to anxiety or paranoia.

Given its 18-20% average THC level, Afrikaner is said to be an excellent choice for managing conditions like chronic fatigue, depression, mood swings, and headaches or migraines.


The Afrikaner strain boasts piecey, super bright neon green nuggets with rich golden undertones. The nugs are decorated by fiery orange hairs and surprisingly adorned with lavender-colored crystal trichomes, further enhancing its visual appeal.


In conclusion, Afrikaner is a rare and purely Sativa strain that offers an energizing, euphoric experience ideal for those needing a boost in focus and creativity. Its flavors and aroma enhance the enthralling journey this strain promises.

Potential therapeutic applications for treating chronic fatigue, depression, mood swings, and headaches make it great for medicinal cannabis users. However, consultation with a healthcare provider is advisable.

In essence, the Afrikaner marijuana strain is a dynamic, potent cannabis offering that engages your senses with bright flavors, uplifting effects, and notable therapeutic potential, making it a worthwhile choice for everyday use.

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