African Queen Marijuana Strain Review and Information

African Queen is a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain (80% Sativa/20% Indica) derived from a stellar cross between the renowned Durban Poison and Space Queen strains. With a notably high THC level ranging between 20-23%, African Queen is intensely potent and delivers a wide array of hybrid effects.

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Flavor and Aroma

The flavor profile of African Queen is captivating, promising a delightful blend of candy sweetness and tropical notes. Upon exhale, the fruity tropical skunk flavor becomes more intense, providing an immersive taste experience.

As for its aroma, African Queen emits a sweet, candy-like scent, infused with notes of citrus and tropical fruits. This fragrant aromatic profile lures in users and further enhances the overall experience.


The high from African Queen usually takes a few minutes to fully manifest. When it does, expect a euphoric head high that immerses you in a state of relaxation and focus. This strain can induce a state of giddiness that results in chattiness, spaciness, and can easily lead to distraction as the high peaks.

Intriguingly, African Queen is also known as the “erotic strain.” Users often report entering a state of erotic ecstasy, making the strain an interesting choice for more adventurous users.

Given its potent effects, African Queen might be an ideal strain for treating certain medical conditions, including depression, chronic migraines, Parkinson’s Disease, and arthritis.


African Queen embodies a classic cannabis appeal with long, dense, thick dark green buds. These buds are highlighted with fiery orange undertones and rich amber hairs. A heavy layer of trichomes coats these vibrantly-colored buds, thick enough to almost mask the dense nugs underneath.


African Queen is a strain worth noticing thanks to its high potency and unique properties. Its sweet and tropical flavor, combined with its distinctive aromatic profile, contributes to a uniquely comprehensive experience.

This strain’s highly creative and happy effects can be especially useful for managing conditions like depression, inflammation, and nausea. However, due to its potency, consultation with a healthcare provider is advisable before use.

Balancing a bouquet of enticing flavors, enriching aromas, and uniquely engaging high, the African Queen marijuana strain stands tall as a royal choice for enthusiasts and medicinal users alike.

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