African Buzz Marijuana Strain Review and Information

African Buzz, a landrace found in Africa, is a 100% pure Sativa strain that manifests itself in unique ways. Renowned for its electrifying high and enduring effects, African Buzz creates an experience that authentically represents its indigenous roots. This strain is a goldmine for lovers of classic Sativas and those seeking mental and physical stimulation.

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Flavor and Aroma

African Buzz offers a unique blend of flavors that engage the taste buds with alternating notes of sweet and spicy, and sour citrus essences. An intriguing hint of fresh fruits upon exhale rounds up this charismatic flavor portfolio.

The aroma of African Buzz mirrors its dynamic flavor profile while introducing an earthy undertone with a deep peppery accent that grows more intense as you continue to toke. This blend of citrus, earthy, herbal, sour, and spicy undertones enriches its user’s experience.


African Buzz delivers its high swiftly and intensely, literally causing a buzz. It fuels your mind with a rejuvenating cerebral energy and a heightened sense of euphoria that washes away negativity and racing thoughts. This mental high then moves throughout the body, delivering stimulating energy that can lift you off the couch and spark physical activity.

With its THC levels ranging between a moderate 10-20%, African Buzz creates a lively atmosphere that uplifts and tingles, making it a superb choice for those dealing with depression, eye pressure, fatigue, glaucoma, headaches, migraines, and chronic stress.


The unique charm of African Buzz extends to its physical appearance. Its buds take on a spade shape and exhibit a rich, dark olive green hue with contrasting dark undertones. These are accompanied by deep brown hairs and a blanket of fine white crystal trichomes, encapsulating the strain’s allure.


The African Buzz marijuana strain caters to users who appreciate authentic Sativa experiences, delivering a cerebral high that delights both mentally and physically. With its versatile flavors, enticing aromas, and stimulating effects, African Buzz goes beyond the conventional expectations of a Sativa strain.

Despite this, caution should be exercised due to its potential to cause intense cerebral stimulation, which might be overwhelming for some. Thus, always consult with your healthcare provider before embracing African Buzz for medicinal use. Overall, this strain offers a dynamic ride between cerebral invigoration and physical energization, creating a one-of-a-kind marijuana experience.

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