Afghanimal Marijuana Strain Information & Review

Afghanimal, a unique strain within the cannabis community, presents as an indica dominant hybrid, boasting a 70% indica to 30% sativa ratio. This remarkable strain is the progeny of a cross between the legendary Afghani strain and the delectable Animal Cookies strain. With a THC concentration fixed around 15%, Afghanimal is a powerful force known for delivering a deeply relaxing experience.

Strain Description

The high provided by Afghanimal is characterized by its ability to calm the body and please the mind, making it a choice selection for unwinding after taxing days, or for those battling with sleepless nights. The initial effects of Afghanimal elevate mood and provide a slight sense of concentration, proliferating a feeling of contentment and slight acuity. However, this sharpened focus is fleeting, as the high progresses into a more heady state, culminating in drowsiness and oftentimes sleep.

A noteworthy attribute of the Afghanimal experience is an unexpected rise in appetite. Its ability to stimulate hunger can be quite potent, leaving users seeking out snacks to satisfy their cravings. Medically, its array of effects has positioned it as a go-to option for those suffering from ailments such as chronic pain, ocular discomfort including glaucoma, headaches or migraines, and particularly insomnia.

Flavor-wise, Afghanimal treats users to an intriguing profile consisting of sweet yet tangy earthiness, with undertones of fruity skunkiness. Aromatically, this strain is assertive, combining a pungent, earthy scent with a skunky citrus overtone, which is harmoniously tied together with hints of rich, dank floral notes. Physically, Afghanimal boasts tightly packed, rock-hard nugs, deeply hued with dark greens and rich purples, crowned with a generous blanket of clear crystal trichomes.

Effects & Benefits

Afghanimal is known to induce a range of effects including a feeling of arousal, a degree of focus at the start, happiness, a profound sense of hunger, relaxing vibes, sleepiness, and an overall uplifting sensation. These effects make it adaptable for a mellow evening or a restful transition into sleep.

Medical Applications

With its considerable potency, Afghanimal is frequently sought out for its therapeutic potential. It is effective in alleviating chronic pain, reducing eye pressure, easing headaches, promoting sleep for those with insomnia, and combatting nausea.

Flavors and Aromas

Those who indulge in the Afghanimal strain can expect a palate-pleasing combination of citrus, fruity, and sweet flavors. The olfactory experience is equally complex, with potent chemical notes, citrus freshness, earthy riches, and skunky pungency all comingling to create an intense and memorable aroma.


Afghanimal emerges as an exceptional hybrid, leaning towards its indica heritage, ideal for cannabis connoisseurs and patients seeking a multifaceted approach to relaxation and relief. This strain stands out for not only its potent effects but also for its distinctive flavor and aromatic profile. Whether one is looking to unwind with relaxing vibes or to address specific health concerns, Afghanimal proves to be an enticing and effective choice.

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