Afghani Special Marijuana Strain Information & Review

Type: Indica Dominant Hybrid – 90% Indica / 10% Sativa

THC: 15% – 20%

Afghani Special, sometimes referred to as “Afghan Special,” is a profoundly indica-dominant hybrid strain (90% indica/10% sativa), born from the cross of the legendary Afghanistan and Double Afghani strains. Celebrated for its time-honored taste and effects profile, Afghani Special is the ideal choice for connoisseurs who appreciate the heritage of its parentage. This strain delivers a robust flavor profile, marked by a super spicy and herbal hash taste coupled with a pronounced dank and earthy note upon exhale.

Strain Description

When it comes to aroma, Afghani Special presents a stronger, more pungent bouquet, laden with spicy hash and an almost overwhelming dank earthiness capable of permeating throughout the surrounding environment. Your first encounter with its effects will be one of subtlety – beginning with a faintly rising sense of mental uplift and a burgeoning euphoric tingle. This tingling sensation graciously extends across the body, leading to a cozy, buzzing calm that sedates deeply and inevitably ushers in a period of couch-lock.

Given its potent THC content ranging from 15% to 20%, this strain is a go-to remedy for those grappling with various conditions such as insomnia, chronic pain, mood disturbances, prolonged stress, cramps, or muscle spasms.

Physical Characteristics

Afghani Special produces distinctive spade-shaped, piecey nugs in hues of minty green, adorned with thin amber pistils and a lavish frost-like covering of minute, highly crystalline trichomes lending it a whitish tinge.

Effects & Benefits

  • Body High: Engulfs you in a physical relaxation.
  • Relaxing: Deeply soothes both body and mind.
  • Sleepy: Aids in a good night’s sleep.
  • Tingly: Provides a sensation of physical euphoria.
  • Uplifting: Gently elevates the mood.

May Relieve

  • Chronic Pain: Alleviates long-term discomfort.
  • Cramps: Reduces muscle cramps and spasms.
  • Depression: Helps lighten the burden of depressive episodes.
  • Insomnia: Promotes deeper, more restful sleep.
  • Muscle Spasms: Offers relaxation to tense muscles.
  • Stress: Counters chronic stress symptoms.

Flavors and Aromas

Afghani Special comes with a robust and earthy taste and scent profile:

  • Flavors: A mix of herbal highlights, a spicy edge, and a touch of woodiness.
  • Aromas: Dominated by dank, earthy notes, with the presence of hash and a full-bodied spicy kick.


Afghani Special is an exemplary heir to its rich Afghan lineage, boasting a deeply tranquilizing high that’s matched by its complex flavor palette. This strain is not just a throwback to the classical era of cannabis breeding but a genuinely therapeutic powerhouse, well-suited for a night of unwinding or seeking relief from various physical ailments and stress.

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