Afghani Pink Marijuana Strain Review & Info

Afghani Pink is yet another potent indica-dominant hybrid strain (90% indica/10% sativa). It was created through the successful crossbreeding of the powerful Afghani and Pink Kush strains. With its celebrity lineage and aesthetic appeal, Afghani Pink is a perfect choice for lovers of potent, high-impact indicas.

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As hinted at in its name, Afghani Pink boasts beautiful fluffy, popcorn-shaped, bluish-green nugs. These are laced with thin strands of pinkish-orange hairs and coated with tiny pinkish-white crystal trichomes, making it a visually appealing choice.

Aroma and Flavor

Upon breaking apart each sparkling nugget, there is a release of the scents of skunky haze, peppery menthol, and woody pine, which intensify as you continue to consume it. The flavor mirrors the aroma but with a subtle aspect, brimming with skunky haze, flowery woodiness, and hints of menthol.


The Afghani Pink high hits a few minutes after the last exhale, filling your mind with an uplifted sense of cerebral energy and happiness—making you feel sociable and outgoing. A tinge of focus accompanies this heady uplift, which fades in and out intermittently. A super relaxing body high complements this cerebral boost, leaving you feeling couch-locked and physically sedated.

With a high average THC level of 19-23% and a CBD level of 0-1%, Afghani Pink can provide relief for multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, chronic stress, depression, insomnia, and ADD or ADHD.


Afghani Pink is a potent indica-dominant strain with a captivating aesthetic, high-impact effects, and therapeutic potential. Its well-rounded profile is ideal for those seeking treatment for a variety of conditions, particularly due to its high THC level and effect dynamics. While its powerful effects may not be suitable for beginners, more experienced users seeking a high-energy cerebral boost met with physical sedation will find this strain a splendid choice.

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