Afghani Hash Plant Marijuana Strain Information & Review

Afghani Hash Plant is a prominent member of the cannabis community, renowned as a heavily indica-dominant hybrid with a genetic makeup featuring 90% indica to 10% sativa. This strain is a profound cross between the classic Afghani and Hash Plant strains, embodying the quintessential characteristics desired in an indica. With THC levels ranging from 10% to 20%, Afghani Hash Plant presents a well-rounded profile that is both potent and accessible, making it a favorite among breeders and medicinal users alike.

Strain Description

The experience of using Afghani Hash Plant is quintessentially indica, starting with a cerebral relaxation that transitions into a significant, full-bodied stone. This state of high begins with a relaxing sensation that fills your mind with blissful unfocused euphoria before plunging into a deep, sedative relaxation. This strain is known for its profound effects leading to a state where users are nearly passing out, ideal for a day of minimal activity and maximum relaxation.

Effects & Benefits

The effects of Afghani Hash Plant are prominently relaxing and can induce significant hunger, making it a perfect choice for a chill, restful day. The body high is complemented by a tingly sensation that enhances the tranquil experience. This strain is tailor-made for those looking to alleviate symptoms related to chronic stress, anxiety, insomnia, depression, chronic pain, appetite loss, and even specific conditions like Crohn’s Disease.

Medical Applications

Afghani Hash Plant is widely utilized for its therapeutic properties, effectively addressing both physical and mental ailments. The soothing effects are particularly beneficial for managing conditions such as anxiety, depression, and chronic pain, providing a natural alternative to pharmaceutical interventions.

Flavors and Aromas

The flavor profile of Afghani Hash Plant is a delightful mix of spicy pine and hash, with subtler hints of sweetness and woodiness, complemented by a lightly flowery earthy exhale. Its aromatic profile includes earthy herbs and hash with a spicy woody overtone that creates a pleasant lingering scent.


Afghani Hash Plant stands out as a stellar strain that delivers a potent, classic indica effect coupled with a delightful flavor and aromatic profile. It’s not just a means to enjoy a relaxing day, but a therapeutic choice for patients needing substantial relief from a variety of symptoms.

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