Afghani Dream Marijuana Strain Review & Info

Afghani Dream, also known simply as “Afghan Dream,” is a 100% pure indica strain concocted through a four-generation backcross of the notoriously famous Afghan #1 strain. While rare, Afghani Dream is sought after by users of all experience levels due to its dreamy, narcotic effects. Its medium-to-high THC level consistently exceeds 10%, further enhancing its appeal.

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The high from Afghani Dream kicks in with a relaxing body stone, which carries a slight sedative effect that can also elicit hunger pangs. As the high intensifies, users gradually feel more and more drowsy, accompanied by a pleasant euphoria promoting a sense of tranquility.

Medical Benefits

The unique effects of Afghani Dream make it an excellent solution for conditions such as chronic stress or anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain, and depression.

Flavor and Aroma

The flavor profile of Afghani Dream closely resembles its parent strain, marked by an earthy sweetness intensified by a pungent skunkiness. When the nugs are broken apart and consumed, they release a notably dank and skunky aroma, with just a hint of sweet earth.


The buds of Afghani Dream are cone-shaped, super-dense, featuring a dark olive green hue with rich purple undertones. A sparse scatter of fiery orange hairs is apparent. Each nug is thoroughly coated with tiny crystal trichomes possessing a soft purple tint under light.


Afghani Dream captures the hearts of cannabis users by offering dreamy, narcotic effects that bring a sense of relaxation, tranquility, and eventually drowsiness. It serves as an effective tool for managing various medical conditions and is a great solution for those facing sleep issues. Its unmistakable flavor, intertwined with an earthy and skunky aroma, contributes to a complete, satisfying cannabis experience. The visually striking nugs only enrich the overall allure of this rare but highly coveted strain.

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