Afghani CBD Marijuana Strain Review & Information

Afghani CBD is a 100% pure indica strain, touted as a high-CBD offshoot of the renowned Afghani Landrace strain. The strain features a somewhat low average THC level that wanders between 6-8% and a CBD level that averages between 2-7%, although some varieties have been reported to reach a CBD content of 8%.

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The high from Afghani CBD initiates rapidly, delivering an uplifted, joyful, and energetic head high, significant mental pain relief, and pleasant euphoria. This is paired with a soothing, relaxing body buzz that begins at the neck and gradually disseminates throughout the body. Users often report feeling comfortable and pain-free without the heavy sedative effects usually associated with indica strains.

Medical Benefits

With its potent effects and high CBD content, Afghani CBD is considered an excellent option for treating patients affected by conditions such as ADHD, anxiety, fatigue, inflammation, and chronic pain resulting from illness or injury.

Flavor and Aroma

Afghani CBD has a characteristic aroma reminiscent of Afghani Landrace, with earthy blue cheese undertones. Its taste profile includes an earthy blueberry grape flavor with a hint of creamy cheese upon exhaling.


The buds of Afghani CBD have small, bright forest green fluffy nugs with rich gold undertones. They are covered in nearly translucent amber hair and a perceptible layer of sticky sweet resin.


Afghani CBD provides users with a unique cannabis experience due to its well-balanced effects and high CBD content. While offering mental upliftment and relaxation, it is also a proven aid for various medical conditions. Its impressive flavor profile and the characteristic aroma of the infamous Afghani Landrace make it an attractive strain to both first-time users and seasoned connoisseurs. The visually alluring buds add to the overall appeal of this noteworthy strain.

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