Afghan Yumbolt Marijuana Strain Review & Info

Afghan Yumbolt, also known as “Afghan Kush Yumboldt,” is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain created by crossing Afghan Kush and Yumboldt strains. While this unique strain may not be commonly found in dispensaries outside of Humboldt, it has garnered a fervent following among patients who appreciate its potent, narcotic-like effects and pain-relieving body buzz.

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Flavor and Aroma

Afghan Yumbolt boasts a surprisingly fruity flavor profile, with rich undertones of kush and berries. Its aroma combines sweet earthiness with fragrant berry kush and spicy fruit notes. This strain is a scrumptious treat worth going the extra mile to acquire.


The high from Afghan Yumbolt tends to creep up on users, subtly lifting their mood while a gentle numbing sensation washes over them, ultimately culminating in a profoundly stoney body buzz. This narcotic-like effect creates an extreme sense of relaxation and laziness, often leading to a couch-locked stupor and a long, uninterrupted sleep.

Therapeutic Benefits

Given its average THC level of 19%, Afghan Yumbolt is primarily sought after by experienced patients in need of relief from insomnia, irritability, chronic pain, and stress. The strain’s potency in soothing the body and calming the mind makes it a viable treatment option for these ailments.

Side Effects

Afghan Yumbolt induces relaxation and sleepiness, effectively helping to alleviate anxiety, chronic pain, insomnia, and stress. However, it is essential to note that the strain’s sedating effects can lead to couch-lock and prolonged sleep.


In summary, Afghan Yumbolt is a delectable strain that skillfully combines the illustrious properties of its parent strains. The distinctly fruity flavors and potent, narcotic-like effects make it a sought-after option for those dealing with insomnia, chronic pain, and stress. For a well-rounded and indulgent experience, Afghan Yumbolt delivers what it promises and may even warrant a trip to Humboldt to savor this unique strain.

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