Afghan Super Skunk Marijuana Strain Review & Info

The Afghan Super Skunk, an Indica-dominant hybrid (with an 85% indica/15% sativa composition), is the progeny of a cross between the renowned Afghan Kush and Super Skunk strains. This strain strikes a delicate balance between fostering mental clarity and intense relaxation, highlighting the best of its parent strains.

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Flavor and Aroma

Afghan Super Skunk presents a unique flavor that combines sweet and peppery skunky notes, elevated by an unambiguous sour pungency. The aroma is much more potent and heavier, replete with robust pungent skunk and spicy black pepper undertones, permeating the whole room.


Among the first effects perceived upon using Afghan Super Skunk is the sudden onset of mental clarity, rapidly soothing the mind whilst progressively creeping into the body. Users describe the strain as a “creeper” and a “fast-hitter”, attacking the mind with speedy, yet sustained, intenseness and gradually infiltrating the body. The effects eventually ease you into a state of peaceful yet immobilizing relaxation that may result in drowsiness.

Therapeutic Benefits

Given its robust effects and high THC level ranging between 16-19%, Afghan Super Skunk is seen as a viable solution for those seeking relief from conditions like chronic pain, depression, chronic stress or anxiety, insomnia, and migraines. The strain can potentially present a therapeutic alternative for addressing these concerns.

Side Effects

The strain’s intense calming effects can leave you feeling euphoric, couch-locked, and potentially sleepy. Additionally, Afghan Super Skunk might spur creativity and uplift your mood, facilitating focus and relaxation.


In sum, Afghan Super Skunk is acclaimed for merging the desirable traits of its parent strains, resulting in a blend that emulates a clear and focused mind while easing the body into intense relaxation. With significant therapeutic potential, iconic flavor, and distinctive aroma, Afghan Super Skunk stands out as a beneficial strain for those tackling chronic pain, stress-related disorders, and sleep issues, providing proper consideration is given to the strain’s potent effects.

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