Afghan Mango Marijuana Strain Review & Info

Afghan Mango is an uncommon, unadulterated indica hybrid strain, bred as a progeny of the renowned Afghan IBL strain. Revered for its exquisitely delicious flavor, Afghan Mango ticks all the boxes for any robust indica lover who fancies a rich taste.

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Flavor and Aroma

Captivating palates with its exclusive blend of spicy, flowery sweet orange flavor and a gentle herbal mango aftertaste, this bud leaves no room for disappointment. Its aroma emanates an earthy and pungent scent with a sharply sour spicy citrus top note, further intensified by robust hash and light mango undertones.


The Afghan Mango high is starkly contrasted with its flavor, delivering effects that induce deep relaxation instead of an energetic stimulus. The high commences with a gentle cerebral lift, promoting positivity and curbing negative or intrusive thoughts. As the mind extends into a tranquil void, a soothing body high engulfs the physical state, rendering you utterly immobile and heavily sedated.

Therapeutic Benefits

Owing to these soporific effects and a THC content averaging at an impressive 18-19%, Afghan Mango is frequently chosen to combat conditions like:

  • Insomnia
  • Cancer
  • Chronic Pain
  • Appetite Loss or Nausea
  • Anorexia & other Eating Disorders


Afghan Mango buds are distinctly oversized and incredibly weighty, bearing dark olive green colors with deep purple shades. Radiant orange hairs permeate these buds which are coated with frosty, purple-tinted white crystal trichomes.


In conclusion, Afghan Mango serves as a quintessential indica strain, satisfying with its remarkable flavor and aroma profile, potent relaxing effects, and considerable therapeutic benefits. Whether engaged by patients battling with a variety of symptoms or by individuals seeking an intense relaxation experience, this strain does not disappoint. Its uniquely decadent flavor profile infused with potent therapeutic benefits make Afghan Mango a strain to cherish.

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