Afghan Haze Marijuana Strain Review & Info

Afghan Haze is an indica-dominant hybrid strain that is a product of the cross between the renowned Afghan and Haze strains. The exact ratio of indica to sativa can greatly depend on the practices of the breeder, but its THC level consistently measures between 15-21% on average. Afghan Haze successfully combines the effects of its parent strains, drawing out the best attributes from both the indica and sativa sides.

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The high from Afghan Haze starts with an almost instantaneous uplifting cerebral buzz that clears away any negative thoughts without messing with your focus. As your mood elevates, your body succumbs to a deeply relaxed state, swiftly alleviating any pain or tremors. The high may also lead to an uncontrollable bout of giggles that can seem almost never-ending at times.

Medical Benefits

Given its effects, Afghan Haze is seen as an excellent strain for treating a range of conditions such as chronic stress or anxiety, depression, lack of appetite, and chronic pain.

Flavor and Aroma

Afghan Haze boasts an aroma and flavor profile characterized by woody, earthy nuts with a slightly sweet floral hint that turns slightly skunky as the bud burns.


Afghan Haze buds are small to medium-sized, round, super dense and light minty green, featuring red undertones. Fiery orange hairs adorn these nugs, along with a thick frosty layer of amber-hued trichomes which enhance their aesthetic appeal.


As a strain that offers potent and diverse effects, Afghan Haze serves as an appealing choice for users in search of relief from certain physical discomforts and mood disturbances. Coupled with its unique balance of flavors and aromas, and a visually pleasing bud, Afghan Haze provides a comprehensive cannabis experience worth exploring.

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