Afghan Bull Rider Marijuana Strain Review & Info

Afghan Bull Rider, alternatively known as “Afghani Bullrider,” is a rare 100% indica strain that is believed to be descended from the famous Afghani Landrace strain. The creation of this noteworthy bud is attributed to a celebrated bullrider from San Diego who wished to pay homage to his profession through this flavorful strain.

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Flavors and Aromas

This strain boasts a delightful mix of flavors – a sweet berry fruitiness enriched by hints of flavorful honey and pine. The aroma mirrors its taste, presenting a sour yet sweet fragrance with a hash-berry tinge that is tantalizingly delicious.


Afghan Bull Rider’s buds are small, grape-shaped, and extremely dense. They exhibit a minty green color and carry a hefty frosting of chunky, bright white crystal trichomes. This visual appeal complements the strain’s enticing flavors and aromas.


Afghan Bull Rider offers a mild high, spurring cerebral creativity and a lasting, relaxing euphoria. Users typically feel uplifted and slightly energized without being overwhelmed, lending an advantage to tasks that require some degree of focus but not exhaustive mental effort. Given its moderate high and an average THC level between 15%-21%, Afghan Bull Rider is often chosen for its beneficial effects.

Medicinal Uses

Afghan Bull Rider is noted for its therapeutic properties and is used to manage conditions like bipolar disorder, chronic pain, depression, fibromyalgia, and hypertension. Its balanced effects make it beneficial for those coping with these conditions and others requiring moderate relief.


Afghan Bull Rider stands out as a memorable strain due to its compelling backstory and distinguished characteristics. Its versatile effects, captivating flavors and aromas, and aesthetically pleasing buds make it a must-try for cannabis enthusiasts. Whether for recreational purposes or to manage various health issues, Afghan Bull Rider offers a unique and fulfilling experience for its users.

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