Afghan Abusive Marijuana Strain Review & Info

Known alternatively as “Abusive Afghan,” Afghan Abusive is a potent indica-dominant hybrid strain, boasting an 80:20 indica to sativa ratio. This strain, birthed through a crossing of the classic Abusive OG and Afghani #1 IBL strains, is noted for its potent high and long-lasting effects.

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Afghan Abusive is renowned for its swift and impactful effects, which begin as a cerebral rush before progressing to a state of blissful tranquillity. Almost immediately after consumption, users experience a heady, hazy high that sends their mind soaring into a world of mellow euphoria. This cerebral onset eventually gives way to a profound body high that relaxes muscles and ushers in a state of deep, calm sleepiness.

Medicinal Uses

Owing to its potent psychoactive effects and high THC levels that average around 20%, Afghan Abusive proves to be an effective medicinal strain. Its stress-relieving properties make it an excellent choice for managing chronic stress and depression. The strain’s muscle-relaxing and pain-relieving attributes also provide relief for chronic pain, arthritis, muscle spasms, and cramps. Besides these, Afghan Abusive is often used to treat insomnia and nausea, and even to stimulate appetite.

Flavor and Aroma

Afghan Abusive presents a delightful mix of flavors and aromas. It features a tantalizingly sweet, sugary blueberry flavor with a subtly spicy earthy note upon exhaling. The aroma intensifies this experience, with heavily earthy and herbal notes underpinning a sweet blueberry scent. This fragrance amplifies as the buds are broken apart and burnt.


In terms of appearance, Afghan Abusive buds are visually engaging. They are fluffy, airy, and are dark olive green with deep purple undertones. The spade-shaped nugs are adorned with vivid orange hairs and a fantastic frosty coating of chunky amber crystal trichomes.


Afghan Abusive proves itself a formidable variety among cannabis strains. Its fast-acting and hard-hitting effects, combined with an enchanting fruitiness in flavor and aroma, offer users an immersive experience. Its visual appeal, potency, and extensive list of medicinal benefits make it an attractive option for both recreational and medical users. Whether you’re seeking to alleviate physical discomfort, manage mood disorders, or simply attain a blissful state of relaxation, Afghan Abusive might just be the strain for you.

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