Affi Marijuana Strain Review & Information

Affi, popularly known as “LA Affie,” is renowned for being an enigmatic strain with a rather evenly distributed hybrid makeup (50% indica/50% sativa). Acclaimed as the progenitor to the legendary LA Confidential strain, there’s much about Affi’s true heritage that remains a mystery.

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Potency and THC Content

Typically, Affi’s THC concentration has been recorded at an average of around 23%, making it a potent strain suited for experienced cannabis consumers.

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Effects and High

Affi’s effects are primarily characterized by their paradoxical nature. Initiating with an indica-influenced relaxation, the high tends to transform and settle into a sativa-dominated state. After the first usage, users describe a profound sense of tranquility sweeping over them, leading to a mildly sedative and hazy realm. This effect is subsequently intercepted by a surge of invigorating energy that engulfs consumers, launching them into a sphere of rousing euphoria while the mind gently swims in introspective thought. Some users even report experiencing psychedelic episodes.

Suggested Usage

Given the aforementioned psychedelic potential, Affi should be used cautiously by individuals prone to anxiety or paranoia. With its considerable THC content and potent effects, Affi is considered an excellent choice for alleviating chronic pain, depression, insomnia, and stimulating suppressed appetites.

Aroma and Flavor

The Affi strain is accompanied by the traditional sweetness of pepper and skunk in its flavor profile. Its aroma mirrors its taste, being predominantly earthy and pungent, with undertones of spice.


Affi cannabis buds are dense, round, and present a dark forest green hue. The buds are embellished with abundant furry amber hairs and are enveloped with a layer of tiny amber crystal trichomes, showcasing their potency.


In short, Affi is a sui generis marijuana strain offering a unique blend of relaxation and uplifting energy. Its perceptible potency and dramatic effects make it suitable for assisting with various medical conditions. However, due to its psychedelic potential, it should be used with discretion. Bearing distinctive peppery and skunky flavors coupled with an earthy aroma, Affi is well-respected among experienced users. It stands as a testament to the convergence of potency, flavor, and therapeutic effectiveness in cannabis strains.

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