Adak OG Marijuana Strain Information & Review

Adak OG, also known as “ADAK,” is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain created by crossing the famed Alaskan Thunder Fuck and AK47 strains. With a sativa to indica ratio of 70:30, this strain promises an energizing and purposeful uplift almost instantly. Whether you’re seeking motivation for daytime activities or just a laid-back indoor day, Adak OG can invigorate without triggering anxiety. Its potent THC levels around 23-25% make this strain an effective remedy against depression, irritability, stress, chronic pain, and inflammation. Its flavor invokes a sweet grape with a musky hint, complemented by a spicy floral touch that lingers on the tongue. The aroma keeps up with the flavor, offering a blend of skunk and spice underscored by earthy musk and a fruity twist. Adak OG’s buds are distinctly shaped, with lumpy bright neon green nugs featuring dark undertones, vibrant orange hairs, and a coating of large clear crystal trichomes.

Adak OG Marijuana Strain Effects & Flavors


  • Happy: Instills a sense of joy and contentment, making it easier to smile and enjoy the moment.
  • Motivation: Sparks a burst of motivation, helping users to tackle tasks and pursue their goals with renewed vigor.
  • Uplifting: Elevates the spirit, providing a lightweight feeling that can alleviate the burden of daily stresses.

May Relieve

Adak OG is sought after for its potential in addressing various conditions:

  • Chronic Pain: May offer reprieve to those battling persistent pain, easing discomfort and improving quality of life.
  • Depression: Its mood-enhancing effects can provide a buffer against the lows of depression.
  • Fatigue: Offers a boost in energy, helping to combat feelings of tiredness and lethargy.
  • Inflammation: The strain’s anti-inflammatory properties may contribute to reducing bodily inflammation.
  • Stress: Acts as a balm for the mind, melting away stress and replacing it with tranquility.


The flavor profile of Adak OG is straightforward yet profoundly delightful:

  • Grape: A rich and full grape taste dominates the palate, offering a sweet and fruity experience.


Adak OG’s aromatic bouquet is as inviting as its flavors:

  • Earthy: Provides a grounding, natural foundation that reminds one of being close to the earth.
  • Grape: The sweet smell of grapes permeates, echoing its grape-flavored lineage.
  • Skunky: A hint of skunk adds depth and complexity to the aroma, a nod to its cannabis roots.
  • Spicy: Spicy notes tease the nose, adding a warming sensation that intrigues.
  • Sweet: A general sweetness rounds out the scent profile, inviting users to dive into the experience.

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