Acid Marijuana Strain Information & Review

Acid, a crafty creation by Paradise seeds, is a slightly indica-dominant blend that shakes up the scene with a 60% indica and 40% sativa mix, crafted from the potent New York Sour Diesel. Right off the bat, Acid prepares you for an electrifying journey with its 17% THC level, offering an intense euphoric lift that propels your mind into vibrant, focused explorations. It’s like being hyper-attentive to every little aspect around you, finding wonder in the smallest of details while the world buzzes on. This initial burst of energy and creativity is perfect for lazy mornings where productivity isn’t the priority, eventually guiding you to a calm, introspective state, wrapped in a cozy, stony contentment. Acid is a go-to for easing chronic tiredness, easing stress, managing pain, overcoming depression, and alleviating nausea. Its flavor is a bold, sour grapefruit, matched with an aroma of earthy diesel and a sharp, cheesy undertone. The buds themselves are a visual treat—forest green, adorned with bright orange hairs and a shiny layer of crystal trichomes, making Acid as pleasing to the eye as it is to the mind and body.

Acid Marijuana Strain Effects & Flavors


  • Creative: Empowers the mind to break conventional chains and soar in the heights of innovation and artistic thought.
  • Euphoria: Blankets the spirit in radiant waves of joy, diffusing through the psyche like warm sunlight.
  • Focus: Sharpens the mental lens, bringing tasks and thoughts into crystal-clear concentration.
  • Happy: Uplifts the mood, opening the gates to a more joyful and contented state of being.

May Relieve

  • Chronic Pain: The analgesic properties might render comfort to those enduring persistent aches.
  • Depression: The uplifting effects could shed light on the shadows cast by depression.
  • Fatigue: Reinvigorates the weary, potentially offering a respite from the clutches of exhaustion.
  • Insomnia: Might gently guide the restless into the arms of Morpheus, encouraging deep rest.
  • Nausea & Stress: The calming influence has the potential to soothe upset stomachs and ease stress-laden minds.


  • Cheesy: Daring and bold, this flavor renders a mouth-feel that is memorable and distinct.
  • Citrus: Slices through with a refreshing burst, brightening the overall flavor profile.
  • Diesel: A hit of intensity that fans of a strong, impactful taste will appreciate.
  • Grapefruit: Sweet yet tart, contributing a crisp and rejuvenating twist.
  • Sour: A kick of tartness that enlivens the senses and complements the rich tapestry of flavors.


  • Citrus & Diesel: These primary scents meld together, offering a robust and invigorating welcome.
  • Earthy: Grounding the experience with a reminder of the strain’s natural origins.
  • Harsh: A challenging yet exciting edge that adds depth to the scent profile.
  • Pungent & Sour: These aromas make a bold statement, leaving an indelible mark on the olfactory memory.

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