Acid Diesel Hog Marijuana Strain Review & Info

Acid Diesel Hog is nearly an evenly balanced hybrid strain. Depending on the breeder, this strain could lean slightly more towards either the indica or sativa side. Known for its super pungent aroma and long-lasting effects, Acid Diesel Hog is a result of the infamous HOG strain crossed with an undisclosed strain, a secret fiercely held onto by the breeders. In this review, we dissect everything from its distinct flavor and aroma to its mind-altering effects and its potential medical uses.

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Best described as mind-melting, Acid Diesel Hog offers an intriguing blend of sensations upon consumption. The initial hit uplifts your mood, taking you into a realm of pleasant positivity before lulling you into a state of sleepy relaxation. As the sense of calm expands, you might find yourself succumbing to hazy introspection, leaving you in a dreamy, spacey state where you can easily lose focus.

Medicinal Uses

With an average THC level ranging from 16% to 23%, Acid Diesel Hog is suitable for treating several conditions, including:

  • Insomnia
  • Chronic pain
  • Depression
  • Irritability
  • Chronic stress or anxiety

Flavors and Aromas

Just one whiff of Acid Diesel Hog gives you an idea of its potency. The strain packs a powerful punch, propagating dank spicy smells that mingle with sharp pungent diesel and a hint of skunky chemical. Its flavor matches its potent aroma, featuring a sharp skunkiness capped with spicy diesel tastes that persistently cling to your tongue.

Key Features

Acid Diesel Hog buds are visually distinctive, presenting an eye-catching palette of flat forest green nugs adorned with piecey amber hairs. The nugs are evenly coated with tiny crystal clear trichomes, adding a sparkling finish to their appearance.


In conclusion, Acid Diesel Hog is a cannabis strain that leaves a memorable impression, thanks to its nearly balanced hybrid composition and memorable, potent flavor profile. Its fascinating effects, starting with uplifting positivity followed by dreamy introspection, make it a unique strain for recreational users. Simultaneously, its wide range of potential medicinal uses makes it a favorite among patients dealing with various conditions. An intriguing choice for both casual users and medical patients, Acid Diesel Hog offers a compelling blend of sensory experiences and therapeutic benefits.

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